Character Training: Kindness

Kindness Photo

Session 2 began this week, and our character training trait for this session is kindness. Kindness means being friendly, generous, and polite. Coaches will be talking about biblical kindness, as well as encouraging students to show this character trait in class.


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Meet the New Silver Team Girls


New to the Silver team at Emeth this year are ten-year-old Lizzie Beaubien, twelve-year-old Stephanie Ranallo, and thirteen-year-old Alivia O’Donnell. These young ladies are enjoying being on team, and are excited about the upcoming competition season.

“Things are […]

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Gymnast Care

Gymnast Resting

When training, it is just as vital for gymnasts to care for themselves outside of the gym as it is for them to work hard in the gym. During the summer months, it is important for athletes to remember to get proper nutrition, stay hydrated, […]

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Coach’s Corner: Meet Maggie Topalian


When Maggie Topalian retired from her gymnastics career of eight years this past December, Emeth gained a gifted new coach. Fifteen-year-old Maggie, who just completed her sophomore year at Berksire High School, coaches all levels of girls’ progressional gymnastics classes as well as the Bronze, Silver, and Xcel […]

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Character Training: Determination


The character training focus for Session 1 is the trait of determination. Having determination means choosing a clear goal and not giving up until you reach it.

The Bible verse for this session is found in Philippians 4:13, “I can do everything […]

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Student of the Month: Taylor Prince

Eighteen-year-old high school senior Taylor Prince is Emeth’s Student of the Month for May. Taylor, who practiced with the Emeth
girls’ team for the last time earlier this month, has been in and out of the gym for as long as she can remember.”Gymnastics has been a part of my life for my whole life,” […]

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The Importance of Hydration

Thirsty boy drinking water outdoorsAs the warm months of summer quickly approach, it is important to pay special attention to the hydration needs of young athletes.

The body cannot store water, so it is vital to constantly supply it with water to ensure proper function of body […]

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25 Questions to Ask Your Gymnast

“How was practice today?” is a question most parents ask their gymnast on the car ride home from Emeth. Unfortunately the conversation tends to stall when this open-ended question is answered with one word – fine.

In Gym Gab, a gymnastics blog for parents, gymnastics coaches/moms Makenna and Jessie provide 25 questions that will provide Gabe_2014[…]

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April Student of the Month: Justin DeCavitch

“What effect has gymnastics had on my life?” muses eighteen-year-old senior Justin DeCavitch. “It has made all of the difference. It  has shaped the person I am. It taught me that when something is hard, you keep trying. You persevere and learn from your mistakes. Gymnastics is unlike any other sport; it is very technical. […]

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Character Training: Patience

In our culture, patience is becoming less common. We’re an instant gratification society, so when things don’t go according to our  timetable or plans it is easy to get frustrated.

The character training theme for Session 8 is patience. Being patient means staying calm and not getting annoyed while waiting for others […]

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