Emeth Health and Safety Guidelines

We know you want your kids somewhere safe and healthy. Here’s how we do it at Emeth.


All Emeth staff are safety trained in Safety and Risk management courses.

  • All staff ages 18 and up have up-to-date background checks on file.
  • All staff over 18 are Safe Sport trained.
  • All coaches complete Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction.
  • All staff have ongoing weekly and quarterly education and training.
  • Students are required to follow safety rules under coach supervision at all times in the gym.


  • Thorough weekly cleaning throughout our facility keeps our space healthy.

Contagious Diseases:

  • Anyone who contracts a contagious disease (including COVID-19) is required to follow doctor recommendations for time off from Emeth.
  • If any likely exposure to a contagious disease happens at Emeth, we will inform students who were exposed via email. (as of 9/15/21, we use the CDC definition of close contact for exposure)
  • We do not require students without symptoms to quarantine or stay home from Emeth based on exposure.
  • We will work to accommodate students who quarantine with makeup options (whether they stay home due to sickness or exposure).
  • Masks are optional at Emeth.

When to Stay Home:

  • If you notice your child has symptoms of a contagious disease, or other symptoms that may disrupt other students in class or practice, please keep them home. If you are unsure, we recommend you follow the guidance of your doctor.