Girls Gymnastics Classes

Building strong bodies and strong minds

Girls Gymnastics Classes

Building strong bodies and strong minds

Confidence. Balance. Character. Fitness.

Girls gymnastics for ages 7 years and up.

Your daughter wants to feel good about who she is. Our girls gymnastics classes focus on individual progress and improve strength, balance, grace, flexibility and full body fitness. As she works hard to achieve goals, she’ll build confidence and be motivated to keep learning. Plus – it will be lots of fun in the process!

“The more my kids become involved at Emeth the more I am impressed. If you’re looking for a quality gymnastics location or simply a quality activity for your children Emeth is the place!” ~ Anna W. Q.

  • Develop inward character while achieving outward strength

  • Carefully designed progressive lesson plans and quarterly evaluations

  • Positive, caring coaches committed to the mission of developing character in students for lifetime success

Girls Gymnastics Levels

Your daughter CAN feel good about who she is!

A strong, confident, fit and focused leader.


Caring coach with young girl on bars

Emeth coaches use positive encouragement to build confidence and character in your daughter. They instill a love for learning and inspire girls to achieve their best.


confident girl on beam at EmethGym

Taking on the challenges of new skills and making step by step progress increases confidence. As girls master each skill, they’ll advance through levels and will soon be feeling great about their accomplishments!

Strength &

girls getting stronger at EmethGym!

Students learn the connection between self-discipline and achieving goals as they advance through levels. Structured classes based on a solid progressional curriculum assures a safe, step-by-step process to develop strength and proper technique.

Top Notch Staff

Our coaches, welcome team, and all additional staff are friendly, professional, skilled, and here to serve you.

Nuturing Atmosphere

The mission at Emeth is to build true character through sports. That means we always look for opportunities to build students up on the inside!

Great Facility

Our 12,000 square foot gym is furnished with men and women’s Olympic gymnastics equipment and lots of other fun stuff! Kids will be asking to come back soon!


1. Pick a Class

With classes for everyone from 18 months to 18 years, we’ll help you find the class that’s just right for your child.

2. Pick a Time

Classes are offered nearly every day of the week. We have something to fit even the busiest schedules.

3. Build Confidence

Emeth coaches work with you on a personalized plan to build and encourage confidence and TRUE character in your child as they learn the sport of gymnastics.


“My favorite thing about gymnastics class is seeing my friends and jumping on the trampolines. Coach Caitlyn is so nice and always helps me.”

Aliyah, young student ,
“One thing that has always stood out to me about Emeth is the size of their beginner classes. They keep class sizes small for the little kids who are just starting out and need just as much help learning how to focus as they do learning the skills. Thank you Emeth.”
Christine W.,

“The strength, confidence and comfort my girls have gained is priceless as well! My 8 year old is proud of her physical accomplishments. My 5 year old tells stories about being kind because of the character training and my 10 year old has become so much more out going.”

Danielle L.,

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