Toddler and Preschool Gymnastics

Education through Recreation

Safe, Fun, Active Learning

Toddler and preschool gymnastics for kids from walkers – age 7 

Toddler and Preschool Gymnastics

Education through Recreation

Safe, Fun, Active Learning

Toddler and preschool gymnastics for kids from walkers – age 7.

Your toddler and preschooler need active learning experiences! Not only will your little student be growing strong, healthy bones and muscles, increasing their flexibility, and interacting with others, they’ll also be growing their brain. By using both right and left sides of their brains, they’re learning spatial and body awareness. They’ll also gain the coordination required for any future sport they choose. Let your child’s energy loose in this fun, learning environment and watch them thrive!

“Absolutely love it here! My 3-year-old has grown so much in her confidence and loves this place so much!”  – Allison L.

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  • Grow in an active, safe, and fun environment

  • Little people equipment just right for kids to learn on

  • Friendly, positive, trained instructors committed to each student’s progress

Toddler and Preschool Gymnastics Classes

Make their education fun through discovery learning!

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Parents, teachers, and then coaches have the greatest influence on a child. Emeth coaches are carefully selected and undergo quarterly training to engage your preschooler in a variety of fun, sensory learning experiences.


Mom and daughter in toddler gymnastics on balance beam

Taking on the challenges of learning new skills and making step by step progress increases physical and cognitive development. Kids receive lots of encouragement and gain confidence as they master one detail at a time. Positive character traits are instilled that last a lifetime.


Mom with toddler and preschooler in gymnastics class

We introduce lots of tactile and physical learning activities in our toddler/preschool classes that encourage individual progress. Everyone’s journey starts with discovery and then continues on with more discoveries. We hope health and fitness become a lifelong journey of fun discoveries!

Top Notch Staff

Our coaches and welcome team are friendly, professional and skilled. They’ll make sure your kids are in the right toddler and preschool classes with a caring coach.

Nurturing Atmosphere

The mission at Emeth is to build true character through sports. Character training begins at birth! We’re here to build students up on the inside!

Great Facility

Our 12,000 square foot gym has a dedicated area for toddlers and preschoolers furnished with lots of ‘just-my-size’ equipment for all our little learners.


1. Pick a Class

With preschool classes beginning with the earliest walkers, we’ll help you find the class that’s just right for your child.

2. Pick a Time

Classes are offered nearly every day of the week. We have something to fit even the busiest schedules.

3. Discovery Begins!

Coaches will be communicating with you to make sure your student is growing both inside and out as they discover the amazing, fun sport of gymnastics!


Owners Jim and Heather and the rest of the staff are Top Notch. They really care about your child’s development in not only gymnastics but scriptures and self-esteem. You’re child will become a well rounded individual learning alot about life lessons while becoming a great athlete at the same time. Highly recommend taking your child there to see the gym and try the program.

Matthew Z.

“My nearly 3 year old has been enrolled in the tiny tots class for a month, and she loves it! Coaches provide appropriate structure for the toddlers to try out all the equipment and we do something different every class. We both look forward to going to class every week.”

Kristen P.

We love Emeth! The strength, confidence and comfort my girls have gained is priceless as well!

Danielle L.

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