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 Your Child is a Star at Emeth- Give Them a Day To Shine! 

 Celebrating their accomplishments shouldn’t have to be hard– Sign up for a family day of fun now. 

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Starwatch is a family focused celebration of your child.

May 19, 2018

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“Performing beam for my entire family was my favorite. The training leading up to Starwatch really boosted my confidence, and I loved having my family there to cheer me on.”

– Grace H.

Starting in March, progressional students will begin learning performance routines during their regular classes each week. Putting individual elements together into a routine is an important challenge for every gymnast- teaching them to remember each skill and connection, and turn it into a confident presentation.

Giving students the goal of performing their routines for family, friends, and an audience on this special day at Emeth gives them extra motivation to work hard in class and encourages them to be confident as they show off their gymnastics.

It’s a great day for family to enjoy together, and we make a big deal of it by transforming Emeth with lots of special seating for guests out in the gym area, giving exciting demonstrations of high-level skills by our competitive team & coaches, and awarding trophies to all participants for their hard work and courage!

Starwatch is the 12th annual Emeth exhibition where students showcase the routines they have learned during the Spring season.

Every student* is invited to register for this exciting day of performance fun!

*all students except Totlights

Confidence Building

Emeth ball pit

Students have the opportunity and challenge of performing the routines they have worked on all Spring in front of an audience. Coaches are there to support and encourage each student to do their best and shine!

Family Fun

free play fun at Emeth

Invite the family and friends to Starwatch! It’s the perfect day to make a big deal of how your gymnast is learning and growing! There’s special seating, awards, team demonstrations and more.


preschool kids playing at Emeth

Putting individual elements together into a performance routine is an important skill for every gymnast to learn, whether they perform at Starwatch or not. But the satisfaction and fun for students makes Starwatch one of our favorite days of the year around Emeth!

Join Our 12th Annual Starwatch Student Performance!

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Starwatch is May 19, 2018

Registration Deadline: April 14

  • Star Apparel

    Every participant gets star competition gear to wear for the performance (included in entry cost).

  • All Friends & Family Welcome

    Parents, grandparents, friends and family are invited to come watch the show! Our gym will be rearranged with bleachers and special seating for the performance.

    Admission: $3 adults, $2 ages 5-18, Free for ages 4 & under.

  • Exciting Team Demonstrations

    Every session of Starwatch features inspiring demonstrations by our competitive team members, along with other exciting accomplishments by Emeth students!

  • Non-Competitive Meet Format

    Starwatch is organized just like a USA Gymnastics meet, but there is no scoring. This day is focused on the fun and confidence building of performing, and every student is given an award for their participation and hard work.

  • The Day

    Your child will perform in one of four session’s scheduled on May 19. Each session is approximately three hours long and includes:

    • Check-In, Stretch & Warm Up
    • Introduction & Performance of Starwatch routines on each event
    • Demonstrations by the Emeth competitive team athletes
    • Awards Ceremony

    Family and friends are invited to attend! The gym will be re-arranged with special seating for our audience.

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Starwatch Registration

$5500per child
  • Two or more siblings, $50 each.
  • Includes your Performance Leo or Shirt!


$300per adult
  • Ages 19+ yrs.


$200per child
  • Ages 5-18 yrs.
  • Kids 0-4 are Free!

Sorry, online registration is closed. Please call our office for more information and to see if you can still register! (440) 834-0800