When Maggie Topalian retired from her gymnastics career of eight years this past December, Emeth gained a gifted new coach. Fifteen-year-old Maggie, who just completed her sophomore year at Berksire High School, coaches all levels of girls’ progressional gymnastics classes as well as the Bronze, Silver, and Xcel girls’ teams. She also helps coach in the TOPS program, which focuses on strength and flexibility for girls.

Maggie is quite the accomplished gymnast.  She was the state champion on floor in 2008. That same year, she came in second in the state all around.

Gymnastics has been a major part of Maggie’s life since she was six years old. “Gymnastics has really helped shape who I am,” says Maggie. “It has helped me gain confidence and courage when I am in front of people. It also has taught me how to have determination and how to work hard for the things that I want.”

“I really enjoy coaching,” continues Maggie. “I like seeing the girls grow, take corrections, and improve in their gymnastics. I also love how the girls get excited when they get a new skill. I’m so happy that I get to be a part of that.”

When Maggie is not busy with school or coaching, she performs with arial fabrics. “It is kind of like Cirque de Soileil,” laughs Maggie. “It can be kind of hard to explain. It is basically like doing  acrobatics and gymnastics in the air on a long piece of fabric. Gymnastics has helped me gain the skills and flexibility that I need for this. Gymnastics has also helped me to be less shy so that I can perform in front of people with confidence.”