In our culture, patience is becoming less common. We’re an instant gratification society, so when things don’t go according to our  timetable or plans it is easy to get frustrated.

The character training theme for Session 8 is patience. Being patient means staying calm and not getting annoyed while waiting for others or going through struggles.

The verse for the session is found in Romans 12:12, “Be steadfast and patient in suffering and tribulation.”

Coaches will be encouraging students to show patience while waiting in line and to maintain a positive attitude while working hard at a skill that may not be coming easily.

Dr. Roni Leiderman, associate dean of early childhood studies at Nova Southeastern University, gives five ways that parents can nurture patience in their children.

DSC_0464Model patience. Your child is always learning from you, so be aware of the words and body language you use when you have to wait for something. Instead of acting anxious when you’re stuck in traffic, put in a relaxing CD.

Use reflective listening. Young children don’t have the words to express what they’re feeling, but you can help verbalize those emotions. In the checkout line you might say, “I know it’s hard to wait. This is taking a long time, but you’re doing a great job waiting.”  If you acknowledge your child’s struggle, he’ll naturally try harder.

Keep expectations reasonable. Asking your preschooler to wait an hour for food is just too long. At a restaurant, ask your server to bring bread or crackers as soon as you sit down, and have a book or quiet game handy to keep your child occupied.

Help her develop strategies for waiting. When you must wait, help your child figure out what she can do to pass the time. Say, “What can we do while we’re waiting? Should we sing songs or read a book?”

Use a timer to help your child visualize the wait. If he is begging for a story, but you need time to finish what you’re doing, set an egg timer for 5 minutes and tell him that when the bell rings, you’ll read the book.

“Patience is not the ability to wait. Waiting is a fact of life. Patience is the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.” – Joyce Meyer