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Gymnastics for kids of all ages in NE Ohio

Building true character and confidence for life.

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Welcome to Emeth

God created your child with a mission– Emeth exists to build the character they need to succeed.
We teach truth, train commitment, practice selflessness, exercise focus, develop determination and breed courage.
We build true character through Gymnastics, Tumbling & Kenpo Karate.

Emeth Gym is located in Middlefield, Ohio, in the heart of Geauga County and was established in 1999. From the beginning, our goal has been to combine a love for gymnastics with a passion for teaching character that will last a lifetime. Striving to reach our potential in sports brings character strengths and weaknesses to the surface where they can be trained and refined in a positive and safe environment.

Our 12,000-square-foot gym is filled with bars, beams, trampolines and spring floors. Gymnastics classes for beginner through advanced levels start at 18 months old and continue through high school. We are pleased to have thriving boys gymnastics and girls gymnastics programs and competitive teams with regional and national achievements! In addition to gymnastics, we also offer tumbling classes and Kenpo karate.

If you are seeking gymnastics, tumbling or karate classes for your son or daughter in Northeast Ohio, we hope you will join us at Emeth Gym. We provide a professional, caring environment in which your child can safely grow and learn. To learn more about our programming and register your child for classes, please contact the team at Emeth Gym at 440.834.0800 or by email.

News & Updates:

Winter 2017-18 Eval Promotions

March 6th, 2018|

Congratulations to promoted students!

Evaluations are held every 12 weeks to keep you up to date on your students progress and which level they should be enrolled in.

Students are tested on core “Eval” skills in each level […]