New to the Silver team at Emeth this year are ten-year-old Lizzie Beaubien, twelve-year-old Stephanie Ranallo, and thirteen-year-old Alivia O’Donnell. These young ladies are enjoying being on team, and are excited about the upcoming competition season.

“Things are really going well,” says Alivia. “It’s only been about a month, but I already feel myself getting stronger mentally and physically. It has been a lot of fun, and I am really enjoying learning the routines.”

“I feel like I am accomplishing more than I ever did before in gymnastics,” adds Lizzie. “I’ve already learned so much! It is challenging for sure. I like the challenge, and I like the way Taylor teaches us how to take baby steps toward a harder goal.”

Stephanie continues, “There have been big changes since I’ve moved to team. It is more challenging, but it is so fun! I’m excited to work on bar routines. It is my favorite event.”

These ladies are working hard to learn some new skills like long hang pullovers, front handsprings, and roundoff back handsprings.

They also enjoy the time they get to spend with their coaches. “Mr. Jim is funny, but he pushes us at the same time. He always finds a way to make things fun!” says Lizzie.

Taylor is so great,” reports Alivia. “She is so good at breaking things down and explaining them to us. 

Welcome to the Silver girls’ team, ladies! We can’t wait to hear about all of your accomplishments this season!