Ninja Warrior Classes

Build speed, strength, and stamina
through challenging obstacle courses.

Ninja Warrior Classes

Build speed, strength, and stamina
through challenging obstacle courses.

With courage and determination, you will become who you want to be.

Coed classes for ages 4 through adult.

Ninja warrior classes develop mental and physical strength, stamina, determination, focus, speed and quick thinking to conquer obstacle courses. High energy. Excellent confidence builder. Super fun! Valuable training for those who want to develop the skills and character needed to overcome challenges they’ll face in life. 

“We love how encouraging the coaches are and the focus on character development! Cooper is loving his ninja class, definitely a highlight of his week!!”

~ Leah Fellenstein

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  • Increase confidence and a desire to excel by overcoming progressively tougher obstacle courses.

  • Develop problem solving skills and learn teamwork in an exciting, fun environment.

  • Coaches encourage and affirm young warriors as they develop physical and mental prowess necessary for future success.

Ninja Warrior Classes

Become a Courageous Ninja Warrior!

Follow good role models. Set goals. Work REALLY hard. YOU’RE IN!

Check out our ninja warrior classes and start training today!

Strong Minds
& Bodies

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Students learn to view failure as a mental obstacle to overcome. With determination and perseverance, they gain strength, speed and stamina to overcome physical obstacles on increasingly tough courses.

Good Role

Coach with boy at EmethGym

Emeth coaches use positive encouragement to build confidence and character as they urge students to reach higher goals.  They lead by their own example of always seeking to become better at what they do.


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Experiencing the rewards of conquering increasingly difficult obstacles through hard work prepares students to become confident leaders. Ninja warrior classes prepare students to tackle life’s obstacles with the same attitude.

Top Notch Staff

Our welcome team and coaches are friendly, professional and skilled. They’ll get you settled in your ninja warrior class and keep you on track to help you meet your goals.

Nuturing Atmosphere

The mission at Emeth is to build true character through sports. That means we always look for opportunities to build students up on the inside!

Great Facility

Between our Olympic gymnastics equipment and a growing selection of ninja equipment in our 12,000 square foot gym, students never lack for opportunities to further their individual progress.


1. Pick a Class

Ninja warrior classes are offered for ages 4 through adult. Our three levels are divided by age groups. All classes are coed.

2. Pick a Time

Classes are offered nearly every day of the week. We have something to fit even the busiest schedules.

3. Build Confidence

Emeth coaches work with you on a personalized plan to build and encourage confidence and TRUE character in your child.

Visit our pricing page for detailed class descriptions.

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