Taylor Prince

Taylor Prince has been a gymnast at Emeth since 2006. She not only coaches, but has been a member of the girls’ team at Emeth for five years as well. Taylor competes at the Platinum level, where her favorite events are balance beam and floor exercise. “I really like those events because I get to show off my personality and attitude while performing my routines,” says Taylor.

Taylor currently coaches Minilights, Highlights, Moonlights, and Spotlights classes. Her favorite part of being an Emeth coach is watching the girls get better and better each week. She also enjoys seeing them grow in confidence and as gymnasts.

The people who have inspired Taylor the most in her life are her parents. They have always supported her in whatever she’s wanted to do. Taylor knows that they will always be there for her no matter what.

Taylor attends Chardon High School where her favorite subjects are math and chemistry. Gymnastics has taught her how to stay focused and determined to achieve her goals no matter what is going on around her. Most people don’t know that Taylor can twirl baton and has been doing this for thirteen years.

When Taylor’s students are adults, she hopes that they remember all of the fun that they had at Emeth and how exciting it felt to work hard to achieve a new skill. Register for one of Taylor’s classes at Emeth!


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