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What Is Character Training?2021-06-25T21:46:03-04:00

What is CT?

CT is character training. We define character as those unique abilities required to meet the demands of reality. Each person either possesses or lacks the character that will help them succeed or fail in life.

The character qualities we strive to build in our students, and which we believe should be esteemed and respected by others, are those which God has declared in the Bible to be good. We have chosen eleven* such qualities to focus on, including discipline, courage, integrity, and commitment. These constitute the true character we endeavor to form in your child during their training at Emeth.

Why do you incorporate CT into your program?

We believe God created your child with a mission. Emeth exists to build the character they need to succeed. The CT training your child receives will not only help them excel in gymnastics, but will carry over into other areas of their lives as well.

“Emeth is much more than gymnastics. Emeth is family, faith, and friends. My family has been blessed to have been part of the family for almost a decade now and anyone looking to add value to their lives or the lives of their children should take a look!”  ~ Jeff R. June 2018

How is CT included in classes?

Since character training is the foundation upon which our curriculum is built, we set aside five to seven minutes each class period to focus on our current quality. We do this through:


Original adventure stories, written specifically for our students, are at the core of each twelve week session. Students identify with the main characters as they strive to overcome areas of weakness in their own lives and experience the rewards of doing so Juniors (4-6 years) and Seniors (7+) listen to short chapters which are read and/or reviewed each week and include discussion.

* Coaches suggest ways to apply the selected trait at the gym as well as in everyday life.


Our lives will move in the direction of our strongest thoughts. The Bible teaches in Philippians 4:8, “Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.” Declarations are short statements which are rooted in biblical truth and contain practical application, e.g.  “I am thankful for the gifts God has given me today.” Declarations train our minds to think thoughts that will bring us life.

Bible Memorization

Every character quality that is being emphasized has a Bible verse at its core. For example, during our season focused on thankfulness, the students memorized, “Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.” (1 Thessalonians 5:18) These are repeated during each class period.

Double the impact of CT with these ideas!

  • On the way home from class, at meal time, or bedtime ask what happened in the story today.
  • Did they find ways to apply the quality in class today?
  • Place the Bible verse and declaration on the fridge and say them several times a day.
  • Draw pictures of the main character. Hang them up or keep them in a folder as a book.
  • Rewards for trying to apply the quality at home (ice cream, the park, movie night, etc.)
  • If applicable, engage as a family, e.g., when learning about serving others, volunteer for a local fundraiser; take a meal to a new mom; yard work for elderly neighbor…
  • Leave little notes for your child telling them how happy you were they practiced the quality in a specific way. Compliment them in front of the family.

* * * * * * * * *

We know you want your child to be self-disciplined, honest, confident, loving, hard-working, and selfless. As a member of our Emeth family, we will help you achieve that vision!

“Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.”    ~ Chuck Swindoll

At Emeth Gymnastics, we are committed to helping you deposit true character into the life of your child!

*You can find a complete breakdown of what is included in CT on a weekly basis, including current and past recordings of stories at

When Can I Enroll in Classes?2021-06-25T22:22:53-04:00

Full Year Seasonal Curriculums

Emeth runs classes year round. Most class times remain the same. We make changes as needed to offer the best range of class times possible. Our gymnastic skills and character training curriculums operate on a seasonal schedule. Spring, summer, fall, and winter sessions each run for a 12 week period. Gymnastics skill curriculums repeat each season, working through various skills each week. Character training (CT) curriculums include the study of eleven character qualities and run on a three year cycle. Courage, thankfulness, integrity, commitment, and service are among those covered during CT time during each season. See for past curriculums.


Self serve online at, or let us help you by phone, or in person! There are no long-term commitments. Enroll and un-enroll at any time. Tuition is prorated in weekly increments.

Join anytime!
Request a new or transfer enrollment up to two weeks in advance.

Changing classes
You may transfer to any other class with openings (age & level appropriate) at any time during your enrollment. Any unused tuition previously paid will be credited toward the new enrollment.

To unenroll from a class, please send your request to unenroll with the future date of your last class. No refunds or credits will be issued for missed classes. (Your tuition payment guarantees a saved spot for your student in their class, even if they do not actually attend class time.)

  • Please let us know why you’re taking a break!
  • Choose “Drop Enrollment” in your online Emeth account or mobile app, or
  • Send us an email at
Do You Offer Sibling Discounts?2021-06-25T22:13:20-04:00

Sibling Discounts

Families receive tuition discounts for multiple immediate family members.

  • 10% off second child (ordered by highest tuition)
  • 20% off third child
  • 30% off fourth child

Multiple Class Discounts
Students taking two classes simultaneously receive 30% off lesser priced class!

Is There a Membership Fee?2019-09-27T14:57:50-04:00


Membership is $50 and lasts for 12 months from when it was charged. Your Emeth family membership includes discounts on special events for all immediate family members! Open Gym, Clinics, Parent’s Night Out, and more. Membership is required to enroll in classes. Memberships will be debited from your card on file.

What Happens When I Miss A Class?2021-06-25T21:30:16-04:00

What Happens When I Miss a Class?

Your tuition payment guarantees a saved spot for your student for the full session whether they attend or not.  Since it is not based on the number of times a student attends during that session, we do not issue refunds. However, we understand that everyone gets sick or has a schedule conflict once in a while, so we offer a couple of options for those times. Here’s what to do when you miss your class at Emeth.

Let Us Know

  • Tell us you won’t be here, and we’ll let your coach know!

Option 1: Schedule a Makeup Class

As soon as your missed class day has passed, you may contact the Emeth Welcome Team to schedule a makeup class.

  • Emeth offers limited availability makeup classes.
  • You may request one makeup class per month (per enrollment)
  • You may register for a makeup class in another open class day/time for your student’s current level.
  • Makeup enrollments may be scheduled up to seven days ahead of time.
    • We cannot save you a makeup space more than seven days in the future, because it blocks other students from regularly enrolling in that class.
    • Students must be currently active to enroll in a makeup class.
    • Makeup classes must be scheduled within 30 days of the missed class.

Option 2: Makeup Open Gym Pass

The next time you’re at Emeth, ask our Welcome Team for a Makeup Open Gym Pass. You can use these passes at any regular age-appropriate open gym. This is our most flexible option!

    • Passes expire after six months.
    • Passes cannot be replaced if misplaced.
    • Passes may only be used for regular open gyms (not special open gyms or other events).
    • Passes must be requested within 30 days of the missed class.

Missed Classes FAQ’s

  • Can I apply unused makeup tokens if my child is not
    currently enrolled in a class?

    • Only active students can schedule makeup classes with their tokens. They may not be used for a student who has canceled unless that student re-enrolls within the 90 day period from which the token was issued and is able to apply it before the 90 days expire.
  • Can I get more than one Open Gym Pass in exchange for multiple classes I missed this month?
    • Yes, there is currently no limit on how many passes you can get for missed class days.
  • What if I know a month ahead that I’ll miss a class?
    • You can let us know, and then schedule your makeup class once your absent class date has passed.
  • What if I miss my makeup class?
    • If you cancel your makeup class ahead of time, you may reschedule it if you are still within 30 days of the original missed class.
  • What if there is not another class time for my student’s level?
    • Some levels with very limited weekly class offerings may be made up in a comparable or lower level.
    • If there are no open other class times available you may take a Makeup Open Gym Pass instead.
  • Can I schedule a makeup class online?
    • YES! Reschedule through your Emeth account and follow these simple steps. AFTER the absent date has passed:
    • Log in to your Emeth account.
    • On the left sidebar click Makeups.
    • This screen displays the number of makeup tokens issued to each student in your family. Clicking the down arrow next to the student will display details about availability status of classes.
    • Follow the prompts. You will receive a confirmation email if the class is open or a denial if it is unavailable. 

* * * * *

Occasionally students encounter extended illnesses, injuries or family emergencies. Our Welcome Team is here to discuss other options during those rare events. Open Gym Passes may still be the best solution.

Please contact us or stop by the office so we can assist you by creating a feasible alternate plan.

When Can My Child Advance to the Next Level?2021-06-25T22:19:18-04:00


Evaery child wants to advance! Emeth holds evaluations once per season (usually week 10) to keep you up to date on your student’s skill progress. Progress reports are available during week 12, and promotions to new levels are also posted on (usually on Monday).

Students in each level are tested on core Eval skills which are critical to their continued progression in their program (gymnastics, tumbling…).  Each skill receives a score of 1-5 and once they have achieved all 4s or 5s, they are promoted to the next level. Please note: our curriculum is designed with the expectation of an average student spending a year in a level before being promoted. However, each student is unique and will progress differently in each event and as a whole!

Your student Evaluation & Progress Report is created to give you and your student detailed feedback on how they are progressing. If you have questions, talk to your coach. They would love to take more time to connect with you and discuss your student’s progress and goals.

Super Skills

Along with progress reports, student’s are also tested on their strength in rope climbs! This “Super Skill” is an important way for students to increase their strength (needed for many other skills). Students receive different colored ribbons to recognize their achievement (based on type and height climbed).

What Are My Payment Options?2019-09-27T14:59:17-04:00

Tuition & Fees

Tuition is paid monthly by direct debit from any major credit card on the 25th day of the preceding month.
Declined auto-payments must be paid before the 30th day of the month or you may lose your spot in class to another waiting student. Tuition prices are based on 48 weeks in a year, allowing for approximately four closed weeks in our
yearly calendar (major holidays, etc). We do not charge less or more for ‘short’ or ‘long’ months. Over the full year, every day of the week receives 48 class days. A card on file is required to take classes.

Manual Payment Option

To opt out of direct debit to your credit card, make your payment by cash, check, or another card at least 24 hours in advance of the due date (25th of each month for tuition), and your card on file will not be charged. A card on file is required.

  • Card payments, including partial pre-payments, can be made at any time at, or on your mobile app, iClassPro App.
Do You Issue Refunds?2019-09-27T14:59:32-04:00


We hope your experience at Emeth is awesome! If for any reason you are unsatisfied within your student’s first 30 days at Emeth, you may request a full refund. Please submit your request in writing.

  • After your first 30 days at Emeth, payments you make will remain on your Emeth account for current or future purchases.