New L4

The Level 4 Saturn team has four new members this season. Two of these boys are six-year-olds Carson Hyps and Giovanni Foti. These future first graders are excited about being on team, the fun they are having, and their “awesome” coach, Mr. Andrew.

“The best part of being on team is that we can go into the pit every practice,” reports Giovanni. “The pit is my favorite. It’s so fun in there.”

“My favorite thing about team is all the pushups we get to do.  I think I’m up to about 1,000,” says Carson. “Plus, I love handstands.”

“Handstands make me think of headstands,” says Giovanni. “We all have to work on those every practice. It’s hard, but Mr. Andrew says we have to try and try. Everyday we have to try. He says that one day we will just get it!”

“The mushroom is so, SO hard,” Carson says.

“Yes, it is. I can’t even do a circle yet,” Giovanni adds. “I guess it is just one of those things we have to try and try everyday. We’ll get it.”

The boys have lots of good things to say about their coach, Mr. Andrew. “He’s fun and nice,” says Carson. “He’s also skinny and strong.  Strong is important. He also teaches us to do all kinds of new stuff like back handsprings. I heard he can do one himself, but I’ve never seen it.”

“Oh! That’s true!” confirms Giovanni. “I used to be in League, and I saw him do one there. It’s true.”

Carson and Giovanni agree that team practices leave them sweaty and sore, but they are having a lot of fun!

Welcome to the Saturn Boys’ Team, Carson and Giovanni! Good luck on your upcoming season!