School Year Class Schedule Changes

The classes listed below have been updated for the school year. All changes are effective August 17, 2015!

Please speak with your coach or our Welcome Team if you have questions or need to make a change to your enrollment.

Fall 2015 Class Changes

LevelDayOld TimeOld CoachNew TimeNew Coach
Beginner TumblingMonday4:00 PMAnnaNo changeCaitlyn
Beginner TumblingSaturday11:15 AMBrianne11:20 AMNo change
CometsTuesday5:30 PMStephanieThursday 5:45pmNo change
DawnlightsSaturday9:45 AMBrianne9:40 AMNo change
DawnlightsThursday5:30 PMBrianne7:00 PMNo change
DynamitesWednesday10:05 AMJudah9:55 AMNo change
ExplodersThursday4:10 PMJudah4:00 PMNo change
ExplodersTuesday4:15 PMCorbyn4:10 PMNo change
ExplodersWednesday9:50 AMJudah9:40 AMNo change
HighlightsMonday5:15 PMAnnaNo changeCaitlyn
HighlightsSaturday11:15 PMJim11:45 AMNo change
HighlightsTuesday5:45 PMTaylor5:40 PMNo change
Intermediate TumblingWednesday7:15 PMAndrewNow an Advanced Tumbling class at 7:05 PM
MinilightsThursday5:45 PMJim5:30 PMNo change
MoonlightsMonday5:55 PMCaitlynNo changeLydia
NeptunesThursday6:15 PMJudahThis class time is cancelled for Fall
RocketsThursday4:10 PMCorbyn4:00 PMNo change
RocketsTuesday5:30 PMCorbyn5:20 PMNo change
SparklersThursday4:10 PMJimNo changeStephanie
SpotlightsThursday6:40 PMAllison5:55 PMBrianne
StarlightsMonday5:00 PMStephanie5:30 PMBrianne
StarlightsTuesday6:15 PMAndrewThis class time is cancelled for Fall
SunlightsMonday4:25 PMCaitlynNo changeLydia
SunlightsThursday7:15 PMBrianneNo changeMakenzie
SunlightsTuesday6:45 PMBreanna6:40 PMNo change
SunlightsWednesday5:15 PMAnnaNo changeLydia
TotlightsWednesday10:15 AMTaylor10:05 AMNo change
TotlightsThursday6:00 PMJim6:25 PMNo change