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Building confidence to the next level.

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Gymnastics League

A fun, friendly place for your kids to compete their skills! For kids ages 5+.

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Gymnasts win awards for both their scores and character growth!

Winter League: December 9 – February 17

Spring League: March 9 – May 11

Mondays 7:00 – 8:25pm*

10 Week League Session

Compete your routine for judges. Team challenge with your team! Invite your family and friends to cheer you on!
*Meet nights sometimes run a few minutes later then 8:25pm
Promotions to next level, character award, team challenge winners!
*Meet nights sometimes run slightly later then 8:25pm

Coaching, Scores and Awards!

League is coached by a team of our Emeth Directors, experienced coaches, and our 2nd & 3rd Year Llama Team leaders. Students have the advantage of working with both experienced coaches and athletes!
Gymnasts are judged and scored on each event they compete at each meet during League. They receive a score card with their scores for each meet.

Each routine starts with a score of 10.0. Final score reflects total points after deductions have been applied. Applicable deductions are taken, according to the expectations for the level of the routine. Deductions are closely patterned after official deductions that are used at USAG sanctioned gymnastics competitions.

Gymnasts receive a ribbon corresponding to their score on each event, and a medal or trophy corresponding to their all around score (total of all events).

At the final meet of each League session, one student is chosen for showing growth in their character, and awarded a special Emeth Character Award!

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Take Your Skills To The Next Level With Gymnastics League!

League gives students new opportunities to grow in their confidence, be challenged and motivated to grow in their skills.
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League is for ages 4+*

Click to eligible Emeth class levels.

Emeth Class Levels Eligible For League

Spotlights, Moonlights, Sunlights, Dawnlights, Highlights, Sparklers, Starlights, Comets.
Exploders, Rockets, Meteors and Neptunes.
All Tumbling Levels.


Students must also be enrolled in a regular progressional class to register for League


League is created to be in addition to your student’s regular progressional class. Developmental skills and progressions are worked on in regular classes, routines and performance practice during League practices.
League Awards
Kayla on Beam

$20000per child
  • Includes League Gear!
  • 2nd sibling 10% off, 3rd sibling 20% off

$5000per child
  • Competition Apparel is required for meets

Have Even More Fun at Emeth- Try Gymnastics League!

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Sign Up For Gymnastics League Now!
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