Kids driving Car

With autumn officially here and the sun setting earlier in the evening, it is a good time to remind kids about parking lot safety.

It is important for kids not to run out into the parking lot after dark. When a class is ending after dark, it is safest for kids to wait inside of Emeth for their parents to come in and pick them up. Then parents and kids can walk out into the parking lot together.

We also ask that drivers slow down in the lot and keep a watchful eye for children. Our parking lot is very busy place year round, but it is especially important for drivers to be mindful of little ones as the daylight hours are ending sooner. We also ask that drivers also take special care when backing up in the parking lot.

Please park efficiently, as spaces are limited. The parking lot gets very full during the week at Emeth. We ask that you help us maximize our space by parking as efficiently as possible in both the front and back lots.

On busy nights, remember that our back lot is available for parking. Again, please watch for children and park efficiently.

On our busiest nights, we shuttle our coaches to Emeth from another parking location. Please remember that the marked parking space right next to the building is reserved for the shuttle vehicle.

Thank you for helping us keep everyone safe in the Emeth parking lot!