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Andrew’s Story:


“I’ve been doing gymnastics since about the time I could walk. I’ve always loved doing something crazy in the gym. It’s what I’ve done for fun for 13 years…” -Andrew

Andrew is now a master of many difficult and impressive tumbling skills!

Andrew started gymnastics classes when he was about two years old while his sister (Miss Heather, now co-owner of Emeth) was an assistant coach at Fairmount Center for the Arts. Soon after, he started taking classes from Heather when she opened the doors of Emeth Gymnastics for the first classes in the fall of ’99 in the top of Christ Covenant Church, an old modified barn. Andrew always had fun at the gym whether tumbling or evading large green balls kicked by his much older brother-in-law. Every day at the gym was a new day to bounce a bit higher, try a new trick, or run his wiggles out.

Young Andrew on bars

Young Andrew on bars

Andrew continued with Emeth until he turned five and then started classes at Gymnastics World in Broadview Heights. He began competing when he was seven years old, following in the footsteps of Mr. Judah, his older brother, who had been on team there.

When Andrew was going into level 7, he stopped going to Gymnastics World and took a month off. He was unsure if he wanted to continue gymnastics because he was struggling to make progress, not having fun, and felt like the worst tumbler on his competitive team. He almost quit gymnastics for life.

After some strong encouragement from his mom, Andrew decided to try one more year of gymnastics, and he joined the Emeth program and boys team that Mr. Judah had birthed just two years earlier. It was at just this time that Emeth moved to its brand new facility on White Rd.

Looking back, this was a key decision for Andrew. It wasn’t immediate, but over the last few years gymnastics has become a defining part of Andrew’s life. It’s all the little things: the relationships he’s formed with team members, the uniqueness of his sport, the positive coaching, the role of influence he has developed, the feeling of coming home tired from hard conditioning, the lows of failures and injuries, and the highs of success – these make Emeth a place that Andrew feels at home in.

In 2011, as a level 9, Andrew qualified from State to Regionals, and then from Regionals to Nationals. He competed with the nation’s top level 9s & 10s in California that year, realizing one of his greatest accomplishments.

Mr. Judah, head coach of the boys’ team, remarks, “Andrew has taken ownership on our team. He has gained a place of influence and leadership as he has encouraged his teammates, challenged them to excellence, and proven his own work ethic. His desire to learn drives him forward and has paid off for him with his national accomplishments.”

“Andrew shows the discipline he has developed through his gymnastics career in new ways regularly. Recently, he took time to think through each of his events, write down a list of things he knows he must practice, and has proceeded to do so. He initiated this himself and has encouraged his teammates to do the same!” – Miss Heather.

While Andrew has grown and matured, and plans to continue both competing and coaching while maintaining self discipline and fitness throughout his life, he’s also the same fun-loving kid at heart. The first thing he does when he walks into the gym is look to see where he can start doing tricks or trying something new.


Build a champion

Andrew is a Champion at Emeth Gymnastics

Andrew is just one of the real stories of why Emeth exists. Spending time with kids and training both their bodies and minds for life is what our coaches do best!


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Andrew Tumbling  image shot by Ohio Action Images

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