Girls Level 3 Team

If there is one thing that the Level 3 Girls’ Team likes as much as gymnastics, it’s each other. Seven-year-old Ronee Collins, eight-year-olds Bailey Walstad, Tessa Smith, and Hartley Heiss, nine-year-olds Amy Gabrovsek, Samantha Karasek, Kinsela Blaskis, Alyssa Mirossay, Loreali Gandolf-Glover and Jordan Rulong, and eleven-year-old Kylie Brown are full of smiles and giggles as they talk about what they love about being on Emeth’s Level 3 team.

They encourage each other and laugh with each other when one takes a tumble.  The girls enjoy practicing vault, back handspringskips and front hip circles. As a group, their favorite skill is tumbling passes on the floor. “I love spending time with my friends at the gym and working on skills,” says Samantha.

Goals are plentiful with this cheerful group of young ladies. Bailey and Ronee are working on getting their kips, while Kinsela is perfecting her back handspring. Tessa and Samantha have a long-term goal of making the US Olympic team one day and meeting Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas.

These girls are crazy about their coaches too. When asked why Coach Grace is such a good coach, the team worked together quickly to comprise an impromptu acrostic. “Grace is generous,responsible, awesome, cool, and excellent!” report the girls. “Oh, and she has pretty hair!”

They were gushing with compliments for Coach Rachel as well. “Rachel is cool, funny, pretty, awesome, extraordinary and sweet!” declares the team. Loreali adds, “They are the best coaches ever!  The nicest and the best!”

Coach Grace enjoys coaching them as well. She says, “They are all such hard workers! When I think about where they started at the beginning of the year… they’ve come so far! They are starting to learn the meaning of focus, and it’s so fun to see them building friendships in their team.”

There is no doubt that the future is bright for these amazing young ladies!