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Welcome to our Character Training Blog!

What is character training (CT) and why do we incorporate it into every class time?


At Emeth we believe every child was created for a specific purpose. Character training is essential because their success in fulfilling that purpose will depend entirely on whether or not they have developed the character needed to fulfill that purpose. Our unique approach to character training is producing young adults who are confident leaders, well on their way to achieving their goals.

Our character training program includes eleven qualities based on traditional Christian values found in the Bible. Self discipline, perseverance, growth mindset, thankfulness, and courage are a few of these qualities. Each twelve-week season includes an original story that focuses on the main character’s growth in a particular area. Curriculum is created to further discussion and practical application of the chosen quality throughout the season.

We understand that it’s hard to find activities for your kids that will challenge them to grow both inside and out. At Emeth, we not only use caring connections and focus on each child’s individual progress to build strong athletes. We are also just as committed to building the strong minds required to become the best athlete they can be!

The top of this blog displays the current quality we are studying. Click on the image or HERE to listen to the stories we have authored and to view the curriculum we have created that goes along with it.

If you want to more fully engage with your child’s Emeth training, this is the page to visit often!

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