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Welcome to our Character Training Blog!

What is character training (CT) and why do we incorporate it into every class time?


Why is character training important? We believe God created your child with a mission. Emeth exists to build the character they need to succeed. The character training your child receives will not only help them excel in gymnastics, but will carry over into other areas of their lives as well. We define character as those unique qualities a person possesses which distinguish him or her from others and which have been declared by God to be good, moral traits. We focus on eleven such qualities on a rotating basis for a 12 week period.

The top of this blog displays the current quality we are studying. Click on the image or HERE to listen to the stories we have authored and to view the curriculum we have created that goes along with it. You will also find on this page other posts which elaborate on the current quality as well as past qualities we have featured.

If you want to more fully engage with your child’s Emeth training, this is the page to visit often!

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