Back Handspring Clinics

From backward rolls to back tucks – we offer clinics  for all levels!

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All clinics are Thursdays from 6:10-7:25pm

November 7: Junior Back Handspring Clinic

November 14: Beginner Back Handspring Clinic

November 21: Advanced Back Handspring Clinic

A focused time to work on your back tumbling!

Students are divided by level and age for specific drill and skill practice.  Small student-to-coach ratios allow for individual attention.  Sometimes just a little extra fine-tuning and repetition is all a student needs to ‘get it’!

Junior and Beginner Back Handspring Clinic: cartwheels, handstands, backward rolls, round offs, and back handsprings on the barrel
Advanced Back Handspring Clinic: higher level skills such as back handsprings with little to no spot, connecting back handsprings, front tucks, front handsprings, back tucks, plus added emphasis on correct form.

  • Junior Back Handspring Clinic (Spotlights/Exploders/Highlights/Meteors, Ages 4-7)
  • Beginner Back Handspring Clinic (Moonlights, Sunlights, Rockets, Ages 7 & up)
  • Advanced Back handspring Clinic (Sparklers, Dawnlights, Starlights, Comets, Neptunes, Int/Adv Tumbling, Ages, 7+)

Improve your tumbling skills!


  • 75 minutes to work on your skills!

  • Skilled back handspring coaching
  • Drills on Floor, Tumbl Trak & Trampoline
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Member Pre-register Price

$2000*per child
  • *$25 day of the clinic

Nonmember Price

$3000per child