Boys Gymnastics Classes

We train boys in strength and character.

Boys Gymnastics Classes

We train boys in strength and character.

Strength. Discipline. Confidence.

Boys need a place where they can direct their boundless energy toward positive, constructive outcomes.

Our boys gymnastics classes:

  • train boys to be hard-working, disciplined and respectful.
  • produce physically strong and mentally tough young men.
  • focus on individual progress through clearly defined skill objectives and quarterly evaluations.
  • provide unique challenges that make boys classes both fun and rewarding!
  • increase confidence and are excellent for preparing boys for other sports. 

Your son will direct his boundless energy somewhere. Where will it be?

Give him a safe, wholesome, constructive outlet to build his identity and grow his confidence to achieve future goals. 

“We love Emeth. I love that there are male coaches and boys in his gymnastics classes. We also love the character building that the kids receive. The coaches are caring and knowledgeable.”  -Jessica M.

Map of EmethGym
  • Boys only gymnastics classes are taught largely by male coaches who are positive role models.

  • Men’s equipment for all six events. All levels, beginner through advanced.

  • Build inward character while building outward strength through our unique character training program.

  • Great facility. Our 12,000 square foot gym is completely furnished with men’s Olympic gymnastics equipment and lots of other fun growth-stimulating stuff!

 Boys Gymnastics Classes

Preschool is coed. Boys only in Exploder and Rocket classes. 

Visit our pricing page for detailed class descriptions.


Boy in boys gymnastics with coach

Emeth coaches are focused on building boys up on the inside. Character strength is what makes the difference in life. It’s what will push them on to overcome even the most difficult struggles they encounter.

Grow His Confidence

Confident boy on bar in gymnastics class

Our boys gymnastics classes are full of opportunities for them to grow their confidence – and we take advantage of that! With every new skill acquired comes another confidence boost.

Strength & Discipline

Boy with coach on high bar

No matter his age, we’ll help him to be disciplined, to listen, to be confident and to build strength. We’ll work toward excellence because the pursuit of excellence is what sets people apart.

Give your son a constructive way to direct his unlimited amount of energy in our boys gymnastics classes.

Build his character, strength and confidence.  Register for a boys class today! 


1. Pick a Class

Boys can enter as toddlers and continue through high school. We’ll help you find the class that’s just right for your son.

2. Pick a Time

Classes are offered nearly every day of the week. We have something to fit even the busiest schedules.

3. Build Confidence

Emeth coaches work with you on a personalized plan to build and encourage confidence and TRUE character.

“My kids absolutely love it there!! Best place we have taken our kids!! My son is 10 and it is great that there are so many boy classes.”  – Rachel C. 

What are you going to do with your son's energy?

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Schedule A Trial

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