Level 2 Crop

The seven young ladies that make up the Level 2 girls’  team at Emeth this year are full of energy and excitement for their upcoming season. Six-year-olds Samantha Carpenter and Hadley Winters, seven-year-olds Addison Altman, Kaitlyn Baumann, Alayna Lower, and Sadie Poudevigne, and eight-year-old Jade Fink are determined to work hard, reach their goals, and have a wonderful season of gymnastics.

One thing these young ladies agree upon is that they love EVERYTHING about being on team. “Learning routines is so much fun!” says Jade. “Last year I was watching my sister doing her routines, and now I have my very own!”

“We are learning so many new things,” adds Hadley. “I really like learning handstand fall on vault.”

There have been a few bumps and bruises along the way, but the girls aren’t letting it slow them down. “We fall. We crash,” explains Addison. “I just crashed today when I fell forward on the bars. You just have to get up and keep trying.”

“If you keep doing your best and never give up, you’ll get it,” adds Samantha. “Sometimes you just have to try, and then try again.”

The girls think that the most fun place in the entire gym is the pit. “It’s so soft and fluffy,” describes Alayna. “I really think I could sleep in there!”

These ladies are also in agreement on the topic of their coach, Miss Taylor. “She’s funny, and she helps us so much,” says Sadie. “She knows so many skills, and she teaches us new things all the time.”

How funny is Miss Taylor? “Funnier than Mr. Jim!” says Kaitlyn.  

Good luck this season, ladies! We can’t wait to see all you’ve learned at the Snowflake Invitational at Emeth in December!