Llama Drama 2
Have you heard of the Emeth Llama Team? You may have noticed them leading themed Open Gyms or coaching Gymnastics League.

The Emeth Llama Team Leadership Program is created to train students in leadership principles and practices. We believe that great leadership is about serving others for their good. We believe that the world is need of leaders who have true character.

We also believe that true character is based on God’s truth that we can find in His Word, the Bible. Llama Team members will study both character (who you are) and skill (what you do) practices, and how they can build them into their lives. They will be a part of a team that practices what they learn by leading themed Open Gyms at Emeth.

Llama Team is currently in its third year. Each year is a separate commitment. Members may join us just for one year, or continue to second and third year if they choose.

Requirements for joining Llama Team:

  • You must be 13 or older this year.
  • You must have consistent involvement at Emeth.
  • You must have a desire to learn.


Those interested in joining the Llama Team should fill out an application and speak withHeather or Amos. Application forms can be found here.

We will cover the details of Llama Team at our first kick off meeting on September 26. If you would like more information, ask Heather or Amos!

What has 3 stomachs, can survive weeks without water, and spits when angry? A llama! (…but not a member of the Llama Team!)