Nine-year-old Dawnlight Rylee Turnbull was nominated as the Student of the Month for February by Miss Z and Miss Anna who have been so impressed this session by her hard work and maturity.

Rylee’s favorite event is vault because she loves to run. She also enjoys jumping on the trampoline. She has recently learned to climb the rope. “I can climb all the way up and touch the bear!” reports Rylee. “Now I’m working on climbing up without using my legs.”

Rylee TurnbullAfter attending an Emeth Back Handspring Clinic, Rylee is excited that she has finally mastered her back handspring.  “Miss Z kept encouraging me to try a back handspring,” says Rylee. “I tried it a couple of times and I couldn’t get it. It was scary. When I finally got it, I was so excited!”

Both Miss Z and Miss Anna have been tremendous helps to Rylee. “Miss Anna is so cool, and she helps me a lot,” says Rylee. “Miss Z really pushes us so that we have good skills.”

“Gymnastics teaches me to face my fears and keep trying,” explains Rylee. “I was working on my kick up on beam and I fell once. I was afraid to do it again. Mr. Jim worked with me, and I finally got the skill back even though I was afraid!”

Rylee 2

Rylee’s mom, Alison Gess, is excited about the positive influence that gymnastics has had on her daughter. “It started out just as something fun that she liked to do,” says Alison. “As she came up against obstacles, I saw her become more determined. She wasn’t as silly, but became more focused and mature. A big lesson that gymnastics has taught Rylee is how to overcome obstacles. It has helped her get that emotional maturity that is required to not dwell on what you are not getting, but to work for it.”

Congratulations to Rylee for her hard work in Dawnlights and for being named Emeth’s Student of the Month for February!