About Level 4 and 5

Level 4 & 5 has a minimum age requirement of 7 years of age, and is the third and fourth competitive level that Emeth offers. At Emeth the Level 4 and Level 5 teams practice together. Level 4 & 5 has competitive opportunities up to but does not include State Championships. In compulsory levels, every gymnast’s skills and routines are the exactly the same. There is no focus on individuality, but instead the emphasis is placed on training and mastering the core skills that lead up to the more advanced optional levels. Each successive level progresses in its level of difficulty.


JO to  Xcel Comparison
Level 10
Level 9Xcel Diamond
(7 – 9)
Level 8
Level 7Xcel Platinum
Level 6Xcel Gold(5 – 7)
Level 5Xcel Silver(3 – 6)
Level 4(2 – 5)
Level 3Bronze
(2 – 3)
Level 2

Junior Olympic competitions are conducted throughout the United States and are organized by the USA Gymnastics State and Regional Administrative Committees. Each state has the jurisdiction to determine its state calendar, according to the needs of its members.

A Jr. Olympic COMPETITIVE YEAR is defined as the period from August 1 through July 31. See the complete schedule for the 2013-14 year.

Meet the Level 4 team, and see what they have to say in their own words.

Level 4 Elements (in addition to Level 3 Requirements)

  • Straddle jump (120º), stretch jump ½ (180°)
  • Front handspring, rebound (no stick)
  • No specific # of steps
  • Backward roll with straight arms to Handstand
  • Forward split
  • Sissone, chassé, Split leap (120°) large step leg swing hop
  • Full turn in forward passé… arms in forward middle or crown.
  • Back Walkover (120˚)
  • Round-off, 2 flic-flacs – rebound to stick
  • No specific # of steps


Level 4 Acro Preparation

  • Back Extension Roll on incline
  • HS Front Limber
  • Power Hurdle FHS
  • 3 FF on incline


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Level 4 Dance Preparation

  • Straddle Jump-Stretch Jump (trak)
  • Stretch Jump, Releve´
  • Stretch Jump, Stretch Jump
  • Stretch Jump, Stretch Jump 1/2
  • Straddle Jump, Releve´
  • Straddle Jump, Stretch Jump
  • Straddle Jump, Stretch Jump, Releve´
  • Straddle Jump, Stretch Jump 1/2, Releve´
  • Promenade
  • 1/1 Turns
  • Sissonne
  • Sissonne, Chasse´
  • Sissonne, Chasse´, Leap


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Level 5 Information


In the 2014-2015 season Emeth is planning to adopt the practice of taking our J.O. Level 4 gymnasts who have completed that level and are ready for the next directly to Level 6. This is something that many clubs do, and now that we have the “new” level of 6, we feel confident it will be a more successful year of training than doing a season of Level 5, because the requirements allow us to begin with the same skills that Level 5 requires, but it has more room for the gymnasts to develop and compete beginning level optional skills.
USAG does not allow gymnasts to “skip” Level 5, and so our girls must achieve the USAG mobility score at a sanctioned meet in that level before we compete them in Level 6. That is why we will be sanctioning a private event where we bring in one official who can score the girls on Level 5 routines to make them “legal” for Level 6.
The required USAG mobility score is simply a 31.0 All Around score.
In the past, like many other clubs, Emeth have had an additional scoring requirement that were determined by us as a club. We have decided this year that we are going to do away with the Emeth scoring requirements at all levels, and instead put a heavier emphasis on the mastery of skills and maturity that are required for the next level as we evaluate our athletes and determine whether they will be promoted to the next level. We feel that this will help gymnasts, coaches, and parents to be able to focus more on striving for excellence in their training, efforts to do their best in competition, and their actual skill achievements rather than defining themselves solely by a score.


Level 5 Elements (in addition to Level 4 Requirements)

  • Straddle Jump (150°), Stretch jump with full turn
  • Front handspring step out, front handspring 2 feet rebound , No specific # of steps
  • Forward salto tucked
  • Backward roll with straight arms to Handstand
  • Forward split
  • Sissone, chassé step Split leap (150° or switch-leg leap (150°) large step leg swing hop
  • Full turn in forward passé… arms in crown
  • Round-off, flic-flac, back salto tuck stick No specific # of steps


Level 5 Acro Preparation

  • Front Salto Tucked (Trak)
  • Front Salto Tucked to elevated surface
  • Backward Salto tucked (Trak)
  • RO, FF, Backward Salto Tucked (Trak)


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Level 5 Dance Preparation

  • Stretch Jump, Stretch Jump 1/1
  • Straddle Jump, Stretch Jump 1/1
  • Switch leg jumps (Trak)
  • 1-step Switch Leap
  • Chasse´, Step Leg Swing Hop
  • Chasse´, Step Switch Leap


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Level 5 Supplementary Skills

  • Front Pike (Trak)
  • FHS, Flyspring (Trak)
  • FHS, Flyspring (Floor)
  • RO, FF, Layout (Trak)

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Practice Schedule

Level 4 gymnasts practice 3 days a week, some gymnasts may opt to add an extra day of practice to their practice routine for a total of 4 days a week. 

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Level 4 & 5 Coaches

Nikki Arnold is the head coach for all compulsory levels, Nikki is supported by Taylor Prince, Anna Kimborowicz, Jim Leshovsky and Heather Leshovsky. If you wish to schedule a private lesson with your coach, please feel free to Schedule one


Meet the 2013 – 2014 Level 5 Girls’ Team

The dynamic duo that makes up the Level 5 Girls’ Team are great friends who finish each other’s sentences. Nine-year-old Lorelei Hutchinson and eleven-year-old Emma Traggiai are like-minded on the topics of gymnastics, self-discipline, goals, and constructive criticism. They laugh a lot and enjoy their friendship both inside and outside of the gym.The only the topic the girls don’t agree on is their favorite event. “Mine is bars,” says Lorelei. “It’s not easy for me, but I love the challenge. I really have to work for it and push myself hard.”“Beam is my favorite,” reports Emma, who is the 2013 State Champion on bars. “It doesn’t feel like a beam to me.  It feels like a sidewalk – like the beam feels wider than it should feel.  I have to hold balance in my mind when I am on the beam. I can’t let my mind get ahead of my body.”These young ladies are wise beyond their years when it comes to setting goals. Lorelei’s current goal is to complete two giants with a fly away dismount on bars without a spot. Emma points out, “It’s a delayed gratification goal.”“Yes,” Lorelei elaborates. “I first need to get my giant without a spot. Second, I need to get two giants without a spot. Finally, I need to learn to fly away out of the giant.”“Reaching your goals is 95% mental and 5% physical,” continues Emma. “You have to focus. Your mind has to be with your body. My new goal is getting my handstand and back handspring on beam.”

Another thing that the girls agree on is that they love their coach, Nikki Arnold. They appreciate the way that Nikki pushes them to be the very best gymnasts they can be, and that she knows what they need. They take corrections and constructive criticism as compliments because they know that Nikki cares enough about them to help them become better gymnasts.

Highlighted Gymnast or Accomplishments


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