Meet the 2013-2014 Girls Level 4 team

Emeth’s Level 4 girls’ team is comprised of funny, focused, and determined young ladies who love gymnastics, care for each other, and have eyes set on the future.  Nine-year-olds Lauren Alexander, Anna Gallagher, and Megan Ehrhart along with ten-year-olds Deb Bennington and Maria Hammerle are glad that they are taking this journey of gymnastics together.

“Gymnastics can be hard,” says Megan. “It is easier with friends.”

Maria adds, “It’s good to have friends there to help you out and support you.”

When asked what they love about gymnastics, the consensus is that they love conditioning.  “I love getting strong!” laughs Anna. They are full of stories of the different games that they play to help make conditioning more fun, including The Bubble Gum Dance and Jackpot – both games that Miss Nikki plays with them.

These girls are grateful for their coaches. “Nikki is the best!” says Megan. “She works us hard.”

“But she always makes it fun!” adds Deb. “So does Heather. She is always encouraging us and telling us that we can do it!”

What they learn at the gym impacts their everyday life. Maria spends a lot of time practicing her floor routines and tumbling at home. “I’m always making up routines,” adds Lauren.

The biggest impact that gymnastics has had on their lives has been their level of confidence both in and outside of the gym.  “I have confidence in my life,” says Deb. “I know that if I keep on practicing things that are hard, eventually I will get it.  It’s like that with math facts.  You know that if you keep practicing, you WILL get it, even if it is hard at first.”