On Monday March 3, Emeth will be holding the Winter League Championships from 7:15-8:45 p.m. Gymnastics League is for the Emeth families who are interested in a competition environment with a fun and friendly twist.

League athletes have been working with coaches to learn skills and routines on Monday nights since December 9. The extra Winter Championshipspractice time students gained during League has helped them reach towards their potential as gymnasts, and gave them the opportunity to display their achievements in competitions.

This championship meet with be the third and final meet of the Winter League session. Athletes will be judged on their routines by our experienced program directors and coaches.

Athletes will earn individual and team awards and trophies at this culminating meet of the season. Also, the Emeth League Character Award will be given to an athlete that has shown notable character growth during the winter session.

Spring League begins on March 17. If your family is considering Spring League, attending the championship on Monday will give you great insight as to what League entails. Admission is free and all are welcome!

Learn more about Gymnastics League.


Jade FinkOn week 2 of Winter League, athletes completed three conditioning tests. They worked on strength building during each practice of the session, and on week 9 they retested and got prizes for improving their original scores

Congratulations to Jade Fink, who held her bent arm hang on bars for one minute and 32 seconds, beating her personal record to earn a prize! This is also the League record for longest bent arm hang! Way to go, Jade!