The schedule for Evals and Super Skills is changing at Emeth.

Evals & Super Skills

After careful review and hearing lots of feedback from you, our customers, we are making some changes on how each Session’s schedule works at Emeth.

Starting with Session 5 (now), Eval Week and Super Skills Week will be held in alternating sessions. What’s more? FUN week is coming back to Emeth, by popular demand.

Here’s what we mean:

New Schedule:

  • During Session 5: Students will begin learning new Super Skills
  • Session 5, week 4: Eval Week
  • Session 5, week 6: FUN week (Old Super Skills Week)
  • During Session 6: Students continue learning & improving Super Skills.
  • Session 6, week 4: regular classes (Old Eval Week)
  • Session 6, week 6: Super Skill Week. Students perform the Super Skills they have been working on throughout Sessions 5 & 6 and receive ribbons!

The sequence repeats for Sessions 7 & 8 with a new set of Super Skills.


If you have questions, please read on for more explanation!


Key to your child’s learning and growth in gymnastics and character at Emeth is placement in the right class, consistency in coaching, and the right amount of focus on learning each area of skills. These are the priorities we are working on improving with our new scheduling. For the past two years Emeth has run progressional classes in 6 week sessions. Here’s what the format looked like for learning in that schedule.

Old Schedule:

  • Week 1: Welcome, introductions, safety rules, beginning lesson plans
  • Week 2: Continued work on skills
  • Week 3: Continued work on skills
  • Week 4: Eval Week. Evaluation of each student’s current level.
  • Week 5: Continued work on skills
  • Week 6: Super Skill week.


As you can see from above, there are only 3 weeks in a session (one of which is the first week) to work on skills before Evaluations take place. For students who are not ready for evaluations, a whole class time is spent on evaluating skills they are not proficient in yet. Our new schedule will provide students nine weeks of class time (or eleven after the last Evaluations) to strengthen and master their skills. This schedule is a much more accurate match to how students progress and learn. It will give coaches more time to focus students on the quality of their skills. This focus on quality is actually key to students continued progression!

“One of the things I’ve re-learned in the last year with my highest level athletes, is that we have to go back to basics. How well they can carry out each basic skill directly affects how they progress and how quickly they achieve new more difficult skills! This is true for all my gymnasts, young and old.”

Mr. Judah- boys program director.

This leads us to our next schedule change,

Super Skills:

We are also changing the schedule for Super Skills. Starting Session 5, students will work on one set of Super Skills for the duration of two sessions (Sessions 5 & 6, Sessions 7 & 8, 1 & 2, 3 & 4). Why? Well because Super Skills are so important! What are Super Skills? Well they are a clever name for critical building block skills of gymnastics. They are what make gymnasts Super! Super skills are carefully organized into categories that gymnasts need skill in, like Rolls & Saltos, Jumps & Sticks, Strength and Conditioning, etc. Each of these skill areas are important for your child to learn and grow in, however we cannot test them on all these skills during evaluations! During Evaluations we test students on core skills. However, we are always training much more than just these core skills! We are confident that as students have more time and focus on their Super Skills, they will improve their core skills and have more consistent progression in their skill level!

We’re currently working on a visual presentation of how Super Skills are organized throughout sessions in the year so you can understand them more clearly. We’ll send it out just as soon as it’s ready!