Five-year-old Marley and nine-year-old Gregory Kable are head over heels for Emeth’s tumbling program! This sibling duo is preparing for the Tumbling Tournament that will take place at Emeth on February 22 at 3:45 p.m.

They have been learning routines in their classes with Miss Heather. Students who qualify by demonstrating mastery of these routines are invited to an exhibition-style Tumbling Tournament where they perform their routines for friends and family. They also earn badges and pins for mastering new levels of trampoline and tumbling skills.

Kable Kids

“How long have I been tumbling?” muses Marley, “About eighty years or something like that! It’s really good exercise for my body.” Her mother, Mary Kable, later confirms that Marley has been tumbling for about a year and a half. Her brother Gregory has been tumbling for about twelve weeks.

“Marley started tumbling first,” says Mary. “She loved it, and Gregory was tired of just sitting back and watching. He wanted to try it too!”

Gregory really enjoys working with Miss Heather. “She really helps and encourages us,” says Gregory. “She’s helping me with my back handsprings and front tucks on the trampoline.”

Before the Tumbling Tournaments, the kids are paired up with an older Emeth Team athlete who acts as their buddy and reviews their skills and routines with them. Marley really likes working with Andrew. “I like Andrew because he is a kid, but he’s also a level 10

[gymnast]. That is just so cool!”

Congratulations to Marley and Gregory for qualifying for the Tumbling Tournament! We can’t wait to see all of the awesome skills you’ve learned!