10 Reasons You Should Introduce Gymnastics for Kids

Gymnastics for kids is a sport that offers a huge opportunity for growth and development. Introducing your child to gymnastics will develop physical strength, mental toughness and self-discipline to name a few of the great benefits. The skills and character a child gains while in gymnastics classes follow them into adulthood. It will shape the outcome of their life.

Why is gymnastics for kids the best activity for children?

1. Gymnastics Builds Character

The research group Study Finds took a poll of 2,000 American parents of children ages five and younger. The results? Over three quarters of them believe character development is important. In fact, they believe it’s just as important as academic skills for their kids.

Gymnastics is a hard sport. Kids must develop mental toughness and outer strength to succeed. These qualities are not limited to gymnastics – they carry over into all facets of life.

It’s hard to find fun activities that challenge kids to grow both inside and out. There’s no sport that does that better than gymnastics for kids! Find a gym that emphasizes character training and sign them up!

Boy on rings in gymnastics class

2. Gymnastics Engages Both Sides of the Brain

Parents should choose activities that force both sides of the brain to interact. We need both sides of our brain working together to develop strong focus and recall. You can find out if your child is more right or left-brained by asking:

  • Which hand do they write with?
  • Which hand do they use to eat?
  • Which hand do they use for brushing teeth?
  • Which foot did they use when stepping forward?

Right-brained people use their left hand or foot. Left-brained people use their right. Whole-brained people will use both. 

Gymnastics for kids requires both sides of the brain. The right side handles spatial awareness; the left side is for logical tasks. A front tuck, for example, requires an awareness of their location in the air. At the same time, it also requires awareness of the body’s position. The two must coordinate to make a perfect landing.  

3. Gymnastics Builds Confidence

Gymnasts must learn to overcome fears. Becoming a conqueror by accomplishing what they once thought impossible builds immense confidence. Finally acquiring a skill they’ve worked hard on is deeply satisfying. Confidence is not bestowed on anyone. It’s the result of putting lots of time and effort into something until you have proven to yourself you can do it.

4. Gymnastics Teaches Kids to Set Goals

Learning the importance of setting goals at a young age will teach them the secret to success in life. They learn they can create their own future by taking the necessary steps along the way.  Kids build self-esteem not by pursuing self-esteem, but by pursuing and achieving goals. High self-esteem is the natural by-product.

5. Gymnastics Develops Full-Body Strength

Gymnastics exposes kids to a full spectrum of physical challenges and muscle development. Many other sports target only a select group of muscles.

Gymnastics also requires equal use of both left and right sides of the body. This creates a more balanced musculature. Kids who have had several years of gymnastics are more prepared to enter other sports. They also experience fewer injuries.

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6. Gymnastics Builds Strong Bones

Gymnastics is a fantastic weight-bearing sport. Adults who have participated in such sports as a child have stronger bones. Most of our bone density develops by the time we finish our teen years. Adults still replace old bones, but it takes much longer. Do your kids a favor and enroll them in a gymnastics class. They’ll be less likely to develop osteoporosis later in life.

7. Gymnastics Improves Balance

Balancing is an absolute necessity of life! It requires coordinating many systems of the body to work together. Without good balance, injury is unavoidable. A child learning to walk suffers many falls before she learns to walk. Through constant effort, one day all those systems line up and everyone cheers! 

Balance is trained through repetition. Gymnastics offers opportunities to gain exceptional levels of balance. They perform cartwheels, leaps and flips on the beam and “run” around the floor in a handstand! Gymnasts are incredible masters of balance!

Fear of heights keeps children and adults from engaging in activities they want to enjoy. A well-developed sense of balance can reduce those fears.  

Girl balancing in a scale on beam in gymnastics class

8. Gymnastics Develops Coordination

Kids who have a high degree of coordination weren’t born that way. They’ve been active for many hours each day, developing both small and large muscle groups. Crawling out of a foam pit. Swinging with good form on the bars. Landing safely on two feet. These all need particular types of coordination.

Gymnastics challenges a child’s brain and body to properly align themselves. This allows them to perform these actions in a timely, graceful and safe manner. Even a few sessions of gymnastics can help kids improve coordination. It also gives them a significant boost in other sports.

9. Gymnastics Involves Critical Thinking

Gymnasts do not only exercise their bodies. Their minds must engage as well. How high do I need to cast before I can safely squat onto the bar? Where do I place my hands on the beam for a balanced handstand?

Gymnasts engage in problem-solving all the time. This is a life skill that every child must learn. Without this skill, it will be difficult to reach any measure of success.

10. Gymnastics Is Fun!

Kids love to jump, climb, run, bounce, swing and try new things! Gymnastics classes pack in the fun with new equipment to explore and new tricks to learn. They’ll naturally grow stronger in body and mind without even realizing it!

Gymnastics for kids makes exercise fun! It encourages a lifelong pursuit of healthy, fit bodies.

This is only a shortlist of the many benefits of gymnastics for children!

If you still question whether gymnastics classes are worthwhile, try this:

  • Make a list of character qualities your child needs to develop before they leave home.
  • Make another list of life skills they need.
  • Compare the two lists to the above list.
  • Read other author’s opinions of what they consider to be the top benefits of gymnastics for kids.

You’ll find that a good gymnastics center that has caring coaches shares the same goals for your child. Oftentimes these centers become like extended family. Both kids and parents meet new friends and develop relationships that last for years to come.