Find a Caring Coach by Asking These 6 Questions

How important is finding a caring coach? 

As you know, there’s lots of different sports clubs to choose from. But choosing the right one for your child is where things can get difficult. No one wants to register their kids at a gym or sports center only to find out later that it was a big mistake. One of your most important considerations needs to be finding a caring coach.

A coach, especially a child’s first coach, is like a superhero. They are given a high place in a child’s mind that carries great influence.* So much influence, in fact, that it has the ability to make or break that child.

The degree of success that your child experiences will be directly related to the amount of genuine care they feel from their coach. Kids want to please their coach. A coach’s approval means the world to a young athlete. Make sure that ‘superhero’ is always coaching with your child’s best interest at heart.

Ask these 6 questions before handing them over to someone else’s care!

A caring coach is the key to your child's success

Here are 6 questions you should ask that will help you find the caring coach that’s right for your child:

  1. Is this coach a good role model for my child?
  2. Will the coach provide a positive learning experience for my child?
  3. Will the coach encourage and recognize his or her achievements?
  4. Do they foster a growth mindset that enables my child to overcome failures?
  5. How interested is this coach in my child’s future and developing lasting character?
  6. Will my child’s coach communicate with me and welcome my input?

When you choose EmethGym, you’ll be able to answer YES to all of these! Why? Because we prioritize caring connections by investing time into each of our Emeth coaches, training them how to build caring connections with both parents and students.

“We love this place! The staff and coaches are so helpful! Our kids have progressed so well, have a great rapport with their coaches and classes, and they look forward to going there.”

~ Melanie Miller, mom of two, enrolled since 2017

Here’s how two of our Emeth coaches foster caring connections with students:

“Something I did during the time of coaching gymnastics during Covid separation requirements was to have the girls stand in a line at the beginning of practice and tell me how their day was going by showing one of three hand motions; either thumbs up, thumbs down, or a sideways thumb which meant not great, but just ok. I would then begin with the girls who had thumbs down and ask them what made them feel that way, then the girls with a sideways thumb, and end with the thumbs up girls in hopes that their positive answers would raise the energy of the group. It helped me connect with their emotional state for the day and also gave me an opportunity to empathize with their emotions and connect with them on something outside of the gym that might be troubling them. If I could, I would then offer some encouragement. Since the other girls were hearing the answers too, I think it helped bond the group together.”
~ Janet Littlefield

“I teach a lot of preschoolers and always take some time to ask them about their daily lives. If they tell me they’re going somewhere or having a birthday, I remember to ask them the next week how that event went. Some of my tots have special needs and I make adjustments for them so they can have as much fun as possible.”
~ Jim Leshovsky

At EmethGym, we’re making kids into leaders though a combination of our athletic programs, character training program, and caring staff. Try a free class and experience Emeth first hand!

*A Study of Sport’s Role in Society, p.30