Congratulations to promoted students!

Evaluations are held every 12 weeks to keep you up to date on your student’s progress and which level they should be enrolled in.

Students are tested on core “Eval” skills in each level that are critical to their continued progression in their program (gymnastics, tumbling…).  Each skill receives a  score of 1-5 and once they have achieved all 4s or 5s, they are promoted to the next level. Please note, our curriculum is designed with the expectation of an average student spending a year in a level before being promoted. However, each student is unique and will progress differently in each event and as a whole!

Your student “Evaluation & Progress Report” is created to give you and your student detailed feedback on how they are progressing. If you have questions, talk to your coach! They would love to take more time to connect with you about your student and goals.

Evaluations are only performed on the scheduled week of each season. If your child was not present for this class, you will need your coach’s recommendation to register for an alternate evaluation.

If your child has been promoted, please contact our office for open class times in their new level! (440) 834-0800.

View open classes in your Emeth account. Enrollments will be changing this week, so check back soon or talk to our Welcome Team if a class you would like is full!

P.S. Evaluation history is coming back this summer with other improvements to our system!

Spring 2019 Eval Promotions

StudentSpring LevelPromoted To
Dexter ClarkeDynamitesExploders
Adalynn PressleyHighlightsSparklers
Addison HooverSunlightsDawnlights
Annalise ElmoreMinilightsSpotlights
Audrey PekarovicSpotlightsHighlights
Audrina TiltonHighlightsSparklers
Ayla TaylorSunlightsSunlights
Baeleigh UttSunlightsDawnlights
Baylee CallHighlightsSparklers
Breana TaylorMoonlightsSunlights
Charley ArmstrongSunlightsDawnlights
Delaney PhillipsSpotlightsHighlights
Emily PenneyHighlightsSparklers
Faith ClarkMinilightsSpotlights
Gabryella DempseyIntermediate TumblingAdvanced Tumbling
Giuliana AntenucciMinilightsSpotlights
Grace McBrideMinilightsSpotlights
Isabella KooymanMinilightsSpotlights
Izabella AnslowSunlightsDawnlights
Jocelyn CubranichSpotlightsHighlights
Julianna ZimmerDawnlightsStarlights
Kaitlyn OmlorSunlightsDawnlights
Keira TringheseMinilightsSpotlights
Landon AndelRocketsNeptunes
Layla BurnetteMinilightsSpotlights
Lila AlbrightMoonlightsSunlights
Lily BaugherMoonlightsSunlights
Lily FeketeMoonlightsSunlights
Madison VincentSunlightsDawnlights
Makaylah SnyderBeginner TumblingIntermediate Tumbling
Mark ReighardRocketsNeptunes
Michael DysertExplodersMeteors
Molly QuiggHighlightsSparklers
Natasha YokomDawnlightsStarlights
Nathan FultzNeptunesNeptunes
Paige TiltonHighlightsSparklers
Riley FerryMinilightsSpotlights
Riley FridrichSunlightsSunlights
Ryker BeckerExplodersRockets
Sadie ReighardHighlightsSparklers
Savannah HornungSunlightsDawnlights
Sierra TaylorStarlightsComets
Tessa BaileyHighlightsSparklers
Xannah ZavesonSunlightsDawnlights
Zachary MartinExplodersRockets