Check the table below to see if your child has been promoted to a different class level.

If your child’s name is not listed below, they should register for the same class level they are currently in. (Our program curriculum is built to train different skills throughout the seasons of our year. We expect most students to be in a level for a year so that they can learn these skillshowever, some students will progress to a new level before completing a full year.) 

Evaluations are only performed on the scheduled week of each season. If your child was not present for this class, you will need your coach’s recommendation to register for an alternate evaluation.

If your child has been promoted, please contact our office for open class times in their new level! (440) 834-0800.

Check out class times here:


Fall 2015 Eval Promotions

Student NameFall Season LevelPromoted To
Addison ThompsonMoonlightsSunlights
Alie RuchalskiMoonlightsSunlights
Alivia SudnickDawnlightsStarlights
Allison SutterMinilightsSpotlights
Alyssa DetweilerMoonlightsSunlights
Aubrey DurmanMinilightsSpotlights
Audrey FusciMoonlightsSunlights
Aurelia ChiacchiariSpotlightsHighlights
Ava FillaMinilightsSpotlights
Avery GebhardtSpotlightsHighlights
Avery RobinetteMinilightsSpotlights
Baeleigh UttMoonlightsSunlights
Brady MorviliusDynamitesExploders
Brooke VerbicSpotlightsHighlights
Cadence ImhoffHighlightsSparklers
Carmen MinerMoonlightsSunlights
Charlotte LateulereMinilightsSpotlights
Charlotte WellingMinilightsSpotlights
Ella ThompsonMoonlightsSunlights
Emese FarkasMoonlightsSunlights
Geneva TurkishMoonlightsSunlights
Haiden WellingSunlightsDawnlights
Isabella EricsonBeginner TumblingIntermediate Tumbling
Jack HellerExplodersRockets
Josh BrownRocketsNeptunes
Julianna ZimmerMoonlightsSunlights
Kaitlyn SamberMoonlightsSunlights
Kara PolonMoonlightsSunlights
Karalyn RutkowskiStarlightsComets
Kaylee KaminskiMoonlightsSunlights
Kaylee SenneSunlightsDawnlights
Kayleigh PeckSpotlightsHighlights
Kelsie DroeseMinilightsSpotlights
Kendal NevlingIntermediate TumblingAdvanced Tumbling
Kyla O'BrienSpotlightsHighlights
Leah KeyserSpotlightsHighlights
Lila NovotneySpotlightsHighlights
Lila WaalandMinilightsSpotlights
Lily DaltonMoonlightsSunlights
Lily GillespieSpotlightsHighlights
Lina KaufmanSpotlightsHighlights
Madison MyersSpotlightsHighlights
Matalina BylerSpotlightsHighlights
Olivia AshBeginner TumblingIntermediate Tumbling
Olivia SchwartzSpotlightsHighlights
Presley RepaskySpotlightsHighlights
Reese MillerSpotlightsHighlights
Rhienna BrownfieldSunlightsDawnlights
Ryleigh DusenburyDawnlightsStarlights
Sadie KuhnleMoonlightsSunlights
Samantha SnowSpotlightsHighlights
Sarah PitingoloMoonlightsSunlights
Seth KelloggExplodersRockets
Shannon BolandMoonlightsSunlights
Sophia AndlerBeginner TumblingIntermediate Tumbling
Teagan RossStarlightsComets