The 2017-2018 team season is fast approaching. Below you will find the table of team tuition prices per level for the upcoming season that will begin June 2017. 

Current Team Athletes: If you have not already, please speak with your coach to know which level you will be practicing with for the new team season. Once decided by you, your family, and coach, please inform the Welcome Team!! The Welcome Team will then update your paperwork and team enrollment for 2017-2018!

To complete enrollment for New and Continuing Team Athletes we will need the following prior to June 1st:

  • your signed team policy sheet
  • 2017/18 release form
  • your permission signatures sheet (AutoPay Tuition, ProShop charging privilege, Meet Entry Fee)

The Athlete Membership Fee of $225.00 per athlete is due on June 1, 2017.

Girls Team

Compulsory Bronze

  • CB

Xcel Silver

  • XS

Xcel Gold

  • XG 2x week

Xcel Gold

  • XG 3x week

Compulsory Silver/Gold

  • CSG

Xcel Platinum

  • XP 2x week

Level 6-10, Xcel Platinum, & Diamond

  • 3x week

Level 6-10, Xcel Platinum, & Diamond

  • 4x week

Level 6-10, Xcel Platinum, & Diamond

  • 5x week


  • TOPs

Boys Team

Level 4


Level 5

  • L5

Level 6/7

  • L6, L7

Level 8-10, JD

  • 4x week

Level 8-10, JD

  • 5x week