Updated Girls Team Schedules as of June 1st:

Level:  Tuition.          Mon          Tue                      Wed.                      Thu                   Fri.                        Sat
Girls Xcel Bronze Jr      $269     5:00-7:30           5:00-7:30.   
Girls Xcel Bronze Sr      $269     5:00-7:30          5:00-7:30.    
Girls Xcel Silver      $315     4:10-7:50      4:10-7:50
Girls Xcel Gold      $399       4:10-8:10.           4:10-8:10          11am-3pm
Girls Optionals (L6 & up)          $430     4:10-8:20      4:10-8:20       4:10-8:20         8:50am-1pm

2022-2023 Team Membership Fee is $255.00, due on June 1st. (Team membership fee is fully refundable until July 1st)

Summer Flex Workouts: Tuesdays and Fridays: 9:00-11:30:

  • Beginning Tuesday, June 7th
  • Can be used for additional training time or used as a makeup if you are missing one of your regular weekly practice
  • All Active Girls Team members are eligible for these Free Summer Flex Workouts
  • Limited Space, Sign up information will be available soon!