Congratulations to promoted students!

Evaluations are held every 12 weeks to keep you up to date on your students progress and which level they should be enrolled in.

Students are tested on core “Eval” skills in each level that are critical to their continued progression in their program (gymnastics, tumbling…). Skills are scored 1-5 on each skill, and once they have achieved all 4s or 5s, they are promoted to the next level. Please note, our curriculum is designed with an expectation that an “average” student will spend a year in a level before being promoted. However, each unique student will progress differently in each event and as a whole!

Your student “Evaluation & Progress Report” is created to give you and your student detailed feedback on how they are progressing. If you have questions, talk to your coach! They would love to take more time to connect with you about your student and goals.

Evaluations are only performed on the scheduled week of each season. If your child was not present for this class, you will need your coach’s recommendation to register for an alternate evaluation.

If your child has been promoted, please contact our office for open class times in their new level! (440) 834-0800.

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Winter 2017 Eval Promotions

Student Name:Winter 2017 Level:Promoted To:
Addison TruceMoonlightsSunlights
Aiden RoeperDynamitesExploders
Alexandria ArnoldMinilightsSpotlights
Alyssa DetweilerSunlightsDawnlights
Amaya YoderMinilightsSpotlights
Angellyna BallashMoonlightsSunlights
Anna RussellSunlightsDawnlights
Annabel HollandMinilightsSpotlights
Ashlei ButtSunlightsDawnlights
Aubrey DurmanSpotlightsHighlights
Audrey PekarovicMinilightsSpotlights
Ava ConroyDawnlightsStarlights
Bernadette BeyerBeginner TumblingIntermediate Tumbling
Callie GossSpotlightsMoonlights
Carley EdwardsMinilightsSpotlights
Catherine CarrilloBeginner TumblingIntermediate Tumbling
Chapin YatesSunlightsDawnlights
Charlee HillSunlightsSparklers
Charlotte LateulereSpotlightsHighlights
Delaney DillworthMinilightsSpotlights
Dominic IskraRocketsNeptunes
Ella LotzgesellMinilightsSpotlights
Ella StrmenMoonlightsSunlights
Emmalyn ForsterHighlightsSparklers
Evan HeraldExplodersRockets
Evan KunzlerExplodersRockets
Gianna CasertaMinilightsSpotlights
Gracie ClisbyMinilightsSpotlights
Hailey GreenSunlightsDawnlights
Hannah HuffmanSpotlightsHighlights
Henry YoderRocketsNeptunes
Iain MacRaildExplodersRockets
Jade JagodaMoonlightsSunlights
Julia RodriguezDawnlightsStarlights
Kailey HordinskiSunlightsDawnlights
Kalia MillerHighlightsSparklers
Lia ScarfoSunlightsDawnlights
Lillian BeilDawnlightsStarlights
Logan GarrettMinilightsExploders
Lydia FabianSpotlightsMoonlights
Lydia HavlockMoonlightsSunlights
Maddie SmetanaSunlightsDawnlights
Madison VincentMoonlightsSunlights
Maeve OwensSpotlightsHighlights
Maggie NedvedMinilightsSpotlights
Olive CaprettaSpotlightsHighlights
Olivia KrebsMoonlightsSunlights
Olivia WojtasikMoonlightsSunlights
Peyton BertrandMoonlightsSunlights
Phoebe OnderdonkMoonlightsSunlights
Raina BakerMinilightsSpotlights
Rebecca EvansSunlightsDawnlights
Ricky RhodesExplodersRockets
Samantha WhitlowSunlightsDawnlights
Sarah MunnSunlightsDawnlights
Sawyer HillMinilightsSpotlights
Simon PetersonExplodersRockets
Sophia EzzoSpotlightsHighlights
Sophia LopezMoonlightsSunlights
Sydney HerendeenMoonlightsSunlights
Tanner HainesMinilightsExploders
Vincent WestonExplodersRockets
William BeilRocketsNeptunes
Willow KrebsSpotlightsHighlights
Zachary MartinDynamitesExploders

Available Classes

Enrollments will be changing this week, so talk to our Welcome Team if a class you would like below is full!

Class NameInstructorsReal Openings
Junior HS Thursday 2:45pmJim Leshovsky1
Spotlights Saturday 9:55amJim Leshovsky-1
Spotlights Tuesday 6:35pmStephanie Lopez0
Spotlights Thursday 6:10pmBreanna Rhodes0
Spotlights Thursday 5:35pmLydia DiMeolo0
Spotlights Saturday 9:55am BAllison Love0
Spotlights Monday 5:55pmBreanna Rhodes0
Spotlights Monday 4:30pmTaylor Arnold Taylor Fenselon0
Spotlights Wednesday 4:15pmBreanna Rhodes1
Spotlights Thursday 1:15pmJudah Arnold4
Highlights Monday 5:25pmStephanie Lopez0
Highlights Tuesday 5:15pmStephanie Lopez1
Highlights Saturday 11:45amJim Leshovsky1
Highlights Tuesday 4:15pmBreanna Rhodes2
Sparklers Wednesday 4:15pmTaylor Ashby3
HS Moonlights/Sunlights Thursday 2:45pmBreanna Rhodes Lydia DiMeolo5
Sunlights Wednesday 5:40pmEmma Cloonan0
Sunlights Thursday 7:30pmLydia DiMeolo0
Sunlights Tuesday 7:00pmAllison Love1
Sunlights Saturday 8:55amBrianne Shantery1
Sunlights Monday 4:30pmLydia DiMeolo1
Sunlights Monday 5:40pmTaylor Arnold Taylor Fenselon2
Dawnlights Wednesday 7:00pmEmma Cloonan0
Dawnlights Tuesday 4:10pmTaylor Arnold2
HS Dawnlights/Starlights Thursday 2:15pmJim Leshovsky Breanna Rhodes4
Dawnlights Thursday 7:15pmBreanna Rhodes5
Starlights Wednesday 7:00pmNikki Arnold1
Starlights Wednesday 7:00pm BNikki Arnold3
Starlights Monday 5:30pmBrianne Shantery3
Comets Tuesday 7:00pmHeather Leshovsky Breanna Rhodes5
Comets Thursday 4:10pmJim Leshovsky Stephanie Dulka5
Exploders Saturday 9:05amTim Lazuka0
Exploders Friday 6:00pmJudah Arnold0
Exploders Thursday 4:00pmJudah Arnold1
Exploders Wednesday 9:00amJudah Arnold2
Exploders Tuesday 4:10pmCorbyn Anderson5
Rockets Tuesday 5:20pmCorbyn Anderson0
Rockets Saturday 10:10amTim Lazuka0
Rockets Friday 6:00pmJustin DeCavitch0
Rockets Thursday 4:00 pmTim Lazuka4
Rockets Saturday 12:30pmTim Lazuka4
HS Rockets Thursday 2:45pmTim Lazuka6
HS Rockets Friday 2:45pm8
Neptunes Monday 5:25pmTim Lazuka3
Neptunes Tuesday 7:10pmMike Dingman6
Intermediate Tumbling Monday 4:10pmBrianne Shantery0
Advanced Tumbling Wednesday 7:05pmBrianne Shantery0
Advanced Tumbling Thursday 7:15pmJim Leshovsky6