Congratulations to promoted students!

Evaluations are held every 12 weeks to keep you up to date on your students progress and which level they should be enrolled in.

Students are tested on core “Eval” skills in each level that are critical to their continued progression in their program (gymnastics, tumbling…). Skills are scored 1-5 on each skill, and once they have achieved all 4s or 5s, they are promoted to the next level. Please note, our curriculum is designed with an expectation an “average” student spending a year in a level before being promoted. However, each unique student will progress differently in each event and as a whole!

Your student “Evaluation & Progress Report” is created to give you and your student detailed feedback on how they are progressing. If you have questions, talk to your coach! They would love to take more time to connect with you about your student and goals.

Evaluations are only performed on the scheduled week of each season. If your child was not present for this class, you won’t receive a written report. Ask your coach if you think your student was close to moving up to the next level.

If your child has been promoted, please contact our office for open class times in their new level! (440) 834-0800.

Check out open classes at the button below our parent portal (or on our mobile app from that page).

Student NameCurrent LevelPromoted To
Gabriella DempseyBeginner TumblingIntermediate Tumbling
Natalie SuvakBeginner TumblingIntermediate Tumbling
Kenley KitzmillerBeginner TumblingIntermediate Tumbling
Audrey GonsalvesBeginner TumblingIntermediate Tumbling
Kendall ParkBeginner TumblingIntermediate Tumbling
Brooke PetersonBeginner TumblingIntermediate Tumbling
Lia ScarfoBeginner TumblingIntermediate Tumbling
Nicolas WildmanDynamitesExploders
Dakota Jr YuhaszDynamitesExploders
Gannon GoodingExplodersMeteors
Daniel JarosExplodersMeteors
Maverick RepaskyExplodersMeteors
Dylan ShafferExplodersMeteors
Maddox SolteseExplodersMeteors
Israel NiyokwizeraExplodersMeteors
Emery HorvathHighlightsSparklers
Allie BartellIntermediate TumblingAdvanced Tumbling
Charlee HillIntermediate TumblingAdvanced Tumbling
Wyatt TaylorMinilightsExploders
Mackenzie YonosikMinilightsSpotlights
Brooke LauerMinilightsSpotlights
Paisley LittleMinilightsSpotlights
Sofia SotkaMinilightsSpotlights
Noel BrownfieldMinilightsSpotlights
Megan CsontosMinilightsSpotlights
Madelyn DetwilerMinilightsSpotlights
Emberlynne LudlowMinilightsSpotlights*
Warner BurrMinilightsSpotlights*
Luna AlbrightMoonlightsSunlights
Stella AlbrightMoonlightsSunlights
Bridget MillerMoonlightsSunlights
Kaitlyn OmlorMoonlightsSunlights
Charis WarrenMoonlightsSunlights
Roxie BatemanMoonlightsSunlights
Grace SaefkowMoonlightsSunlights
Leah MurphyMoonlightsSunlights
Marissa MurphyMoonlightsSunlights
Ayla TaylorMoonlightsSunlights
Emily MaretkaMoonlightsSunlights
Gia WarzalaMoonlightsSunlights
Abbi SaleyMoonlightsSunlights
Danielle JohnsonMoonlightsSunlights
Izabella AnslowMoonlightsSunlights
Gianna GrippeMoonlightsSunlights
Evelyn KennedyMoonlightsSunlights
Laurel WillmanMoonlightsSunlights
Logan PhillipsRocketsNeptunes
Ellie LeatherberrySpotlightsHighlights
Lily BuckleySpotlightsHighlights
Caroline HorvathSpotlightsHighlights
Eden GirtSpotlightsHighlights
Nora MillerSpotlightsHighlights
Emma KlepperSpotlightsHighlights
Charlotte MuzicSpotlightsHighlights
Paige TiltonSpotlightsHighlights
Maya PolaskiSpotlightsHighlights
Billie JohnsonSpotlightsHighlights
Bella KrejciSpotlightsHighlights
Juliana RedfernSpotlightsHighlights
Katie MeyerSpotlightsHighlights
Ireland SzarkaSpotlightsHighlights
Alie RuchalskiStarlightsComets
Chloie GirtSunlightsDawnlights
Aubrey LeatherberrySunlightsDawnlights
Natasha YokomSunlightsDawnlights
Heidi JesselSunlightsDawnlights