Important – Action Required!

Thanks for being a part of the Emeth family.

Parenting is tough! It’s hard to know what your kids really need to reach their potential.

Thank you for trusting us to be a part of helping your kids become confident in who they are.

We are committed to continually making Emeth a better place for your family to belong. As we invest more in ongoing staff development, maintain high-quality student to coach ratios, and further grow our character training for students, we have come to a necessary decision to increase tuition prices.

We know this price increase may be very difficult for some families, and we take seriously the investment of time and money you invest in your children at Emeth.

This increase will allow Emeth to continue growing the quality of service we provide your family.

Please review our new attached Enrollment & Billing Basics along with new class prices.

*Team Families: At this time, these updates apply only to progressional classes/students. Team families should log in to your Emeth account and update your card on file. We will continue with your current tuition billing, due on the 5th of each month through the remainder of this season.

Action Required:

To save your space in classes after March 9:

  • We need your agreement to our new Enrollment & Billing Basics.
  • We need your new credit card saved to your Emeth account (tuition will be automatically debited to your card on the 25th of each month.

Please log in to your Emeth Account and update your credit card information. Adding your card information authorizes Emeth to charge your card on the 25th of each month for tuition due. See Enrollment & Billing Basics for details.

  1. Go to
  2. Click My Account button.
  3. Click the Forgot Password” link below the Login button.
  4. Enter the primary email address you have on file at Emeth (Don’t know? Ask our Welcome Team).
  5. Retrieve the password reset instructions from your email.
  6. Log in with your new password
  7. Agree to the updated Policies & Procedures, Waiver of Liability, and Billing Authorizations
  8. Click Payments > Manage Payment Options
  9. Enter your new credit card information and save.
  10. Hurray! You’re all set

*Our new mobile app, with lots of easier to use ways to manage your student’s activities at Emeth, is on the way!

New Emeth Class Prices

Due February 25, for March tuition
Emeth has moved to calendar month billing. (No more 4 or 5 week “TC” tuition cycles). We will not charge more or less for long or short months. All days will run 48 days per year (average of 4 per month).

Your February Transition:
Feb 1 – your last payment, for classes 2/11 – 3/9.
Feb 25 – your first new billing date (will be prorated 3 weeks in March, 3/10-3/31)
Mar 25 – your new monthly bill (for April tuition)
Current Emeth families who have already paid TC 9 tuition for classes through March 9 will have a prorated tuition amount for March (paid on February 25).

New Monthly Prices
PreschoolGirlsBoysTumbling & Kenpo
Totlights$55Moonlights$110Dynamites$85Beginner Kenpo$85
Minilights$85Sunlights$110Exploders$95Intermediate Kenpo$95
Spotlights$95Dawnlights$115Meteors$105Beginner Tumbling$95
Highlights$105Starlights$115Rockets$110Intermediate Tumbling$100
Sparklers$115Comets$125Neptunes$115Advanced Tumbling$105

Emeth Enrollment & Billing Basics