2017-2018 Team Schedule:

The time is coming to start a new team season, can you believe it? As June approaches many families have questions about the Summer and Fall 2017-18 Team Schedule. Below is a link to the explanation and schedules.
Important Information:
  1. Please communicate with the welcome team what your intentions are for the upcoming year. It is important that they are able to update your athletes’ enrollment including their chosen #of days and level.
  2. Please make sure all needed paperwork is updated and turned into the welcome team
    • New Release Form
    • Team Policy Signatures (both parent and athlete)
    • Permission Signatures (autopay, meet fees, pro shop snacks)
  3. We are encouraging our athletes to choose a consistent training schedule for the summer to ensure the highest quality of training will be when they are the most regular and consistent in their chosen schedule. 
  4. Communication is key! Even though (and especially because) the summer schedule includes flex days it is imperative that your athletes chosen schedule is communicated to their coach. They will be held accountable to what they communicate.
  5. Flex Day Coaches: (The coaches for flex day are also flexible and will likely be at each flex day, yet are not set in stone :)
    • Tuesday – Heather, Janet, and Jim
    • Wednesday – Janet, Taylor, Brianne, and Judah
  6. Flex days WILL be structured.
  7. I will stress one more time –
    • It is really important to choose your typical training schedule and communicate it clearly to their coach. Your athletes’ coach will be holding them accountable for attendance, and for letting them know when they will or will not be at practice! This is so important for continuity of practice and to ensure the highest quality training!


2017-18 Schedule here