Girls’ Team: 2019 All-Around Gymnastics Challenge

Girls’ Team: The All-Around Gymnastics Challenge meet schedule is available.

Schedule here

Week of the All-Around Gymnastics Challenge practice schedule

Monday, January 21st:  Normal Practices

Tuesday, January 22nd:  Normal practices for all Silvers, Mandatory #1 for Sr. Gold/Platinums & Optionals

Wednesday, January 23rd:  Mandatory Practice for Jr. Gold/Platinum, Mandatory #2 for Sr. Gold/Platinums

Thursday, January 24th:  Mandatory practices for all Silvers, Mandatory #2 for Optionals

Friday, January 25th:  NO PRACTICES

Saturday, January 26th:  Level 8,9,10 9:00-11:00 am, all Silvers normal practice

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