Buckeye Classic Meet Schedule – February 4-6

Levels Attending: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, & Level 7-10

Click here to purchase admission tickets. (Meet director is asking that parents purchase admission tickets ahead of time.)

Admission for spectators is $15 per day or $20 for the weekend.

The Buckeye Classic Gymnastics Invitational is being held at the Ohio Expo Center, 717 East 17th Avenue, Columbus, OH 43211

All sessions will take place in the Celeste Center, and awards and vendors will be held in the adjacent Bricker Building.

All information regarding sessions, hotels, and general meet information can be found at http://www.buckeye-classic.org/

Emeth Team Schedules:

Silver – Session FR3: Friday, Feb. 4

Stretch 1:40pm; Compete 2:10pm

Level 8 – Session FT3: Friday, Feb. 4

Stretch 2:15pm, Compte 2:55pm

Level 7 – UPDATED: Session FG4: Friday, Feb. 4

Stretch 6:00pm, Compete 6:35pm

Gold – Session FA4: Friday, Feb. 4

Stretch 5:00pm, Compete 5:35pm

Diamond – Session ST1: Saturday, Feb. 5

Stretch 8:00am, Compete 8:35am

Level 10 – Session ST3: Saturday, Feb. 5

Stretch 1:30pm, Compete 2:05pm

Bronze – Session UR1: Sunday, Feb. 6

Stretch 8:00am, Compete 8:30am

Level 9 – Session UT1: Sunday, Feb. 6

Stretch 8:00am, Compete 8:40am

Platinum – UPDATED: Session UA2: Sunday, Feb. 6

Stretch 11:00am, Compete 11:35am