Evaery child wants to advance! Emeth holds evaluations once per season (usually week 10) to keep you up to date on your student’s skill progress. Progress reports are available during week 12, and promotions to new levels are also posted on Emethgym.com (usually on Monday).

Students in each level are tested on core Eval skills which are critical to their continued progression in their program (gymnastics, tumbling…).  Each skill receives a score of 1-5 and once they have achieved all 4s or 5s, they are promoted to the next level. Please note: our curriculum is designed with the expectation of an average student spending a year in a level before being promoted. However, each student is unique and will progress differently in each event and as a whole!

Your student Evaluation & Progress Report is created to give you and your student detailed feedback on how they are progressing. If you have questions, talk to your coach. They would love to take more time to connect with you and discuss your student’s progress and goals.

Super Skills

Along with progress reports, student’s are also tested on their strength in rope climbs! This “Super Skill” is an important way for students to increase their strength (needed for many other skills). Students receive different colored ribbons to recognize their achievement (based on type and height climbed).