You Have a Story! Build Your Child’s Faith by Passing It On

 The Bible is full of stories! True stories of the creation, the fall of man into sin, and the undeserved restoration of man to God through Jesus Christ. Stories of battle victories and losses, evil rulers and righteous rulers, ordinary citizens who loved and obeyed God and those who rebelled against Him.  It tells again and again of God’s faithfulness and mercy to a nation, Israel, through whom He promised to bring our hope of eternal life. He never threw them under the bus even though they deserved it!

Then that Eternal Life appeared in the form of a man, Jesus Christ, and the New Agreement was born between God and mankind. He, too, told stories called parables, which illustrated what the Kingdom of God was all about. He used visuals and language that the people of His day were all very familiar with to enlighten them to the unseen spiritual truths of God. He was a master story teller! And people got it! They were restored to right relationship with God through Him. Because of these stories, many believed and were transformed. And so it has continued down through hundreds of generations, all telling the true story of God’s plan for redemption.

This is why we at Emeth (the Hebrew word for truth) create original stories based around a particular godly character quality. Students identify with the characters in the story as they struggle through the process of growth, failing and succeeding along the way, just like in real life.

The older junior students have just heard the true story of God keeping a promise He had made decades before – to make this one man into a nation. He kept His promise to Abraham, and He will keep his promises to us.

One of the best ways to transfer your faith to your children is by telling them the true stories in your own life, big or small, of God’s faithfulness. Did you lose a job and felt abandoned, but then God gave you something far more meaningful? Were you unable to have children, but then God made a way? Did you face immense rejection and humiliation only to realize later how He used that experience to grow you into a humble, others-focused person who is full of joy? Whatever the story, share it with your kids! Your living faith will become theirs and you will be leading them into the Kingdom of God!

Remember  – all of our character training stories and curriculum is available for you to listen to and view on THIS PAGE.