Kindness Is Not Weakness!

I worked at a retirement-assisted living center for about 18 months a few years ago as a housekeeping supervisor. I loved the residents and I loved the atmosphere of the whole organization. When I was initially being interviewed, the CEO, Cole, was very adamant about making certain I understood this about the organization: titles of employees matter little. We each have value and everyone is expected to carry out their jobs to the best of their ability. We are all here for one reason – to serve others. Our organization is strong because we serve our residents and we serve one another. We do it with compassion because we are family.

It wasn’t a bunch of fluffy lingo either! He really meant it.

One afternoon, a rapid apartment turnover occurred. I and the rest of the housekeepers were doing our cleaning as usual. A room had been suddenly vacated and another resident needed to move in that day. The apartment had to be thoroughly cleaned, which was the responsibility of the housekeepers. I was on the first floor and happened to walk by the room. I saw the activity director come out, trying to make light of his poor cleaning skills. I asked what was going on and quickly changed a few things so I could help. But who did I find in there, cleaning the bathroom after some other rooms? Yes! It was Cole! I chased them out – all in good fun – and another housekeeper and I finished up.

Another time, I was looking for the CNA on duty to relay a request from a resident. When I reached the little office, who was covering for the sick nurse? Cole.

Cole was awesome. He had started years ago in the kitchen as a server, worked his way into nursing, and eventually became the CEO. He understood his employees because he had been one. He valued each person’s efforts as they served. It was truly a family that operated within the realm of kindness. And their ratings show it!

Jesus, in His kindness, even though He is the all-powerful, all-knowing Creator of all things, lowered Himself to become one of His own creation to serve us. He did it so He could lead us to the Father who gives eternal life. It takes an incredibly strong person to volunteer to take the punishment for another. Even then, it’s usually done for someone who is loved. Jesus took our punishment when we were still sinners! That is powerfully strong kindness!

When we truly understand the depth of love God has for us, then Felicity’s question to Mama Addie can be answered.

Q. “How can you keep being so kind to her [Mettie] when she doesn’t deserve it?”

A. “We love, because He first loved us.” I John 4:19

It can be extremely difficult to be kind when we have just had it! It often takes more strength than we can muster. Our Emeth family wants to give you those breaks you need so you can recover from ‘parenting burnout’ which all parents suffer from at times! All our events are meant for you as much as for your kids. We want to be the worry-free place where you know your kids are safe, where they are learning about kindness and love through our character training program, and where they are having fun while you take a breather.

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