God Has an “IEP” for Every Child

Do you know anyone who has ever had to teach their child to be bad?

Ha! From the moment a child emerges from the womb, they think only about satisfying their needs. We as parents get to spend the next 18 years reconstructing them into people who possess strong moral character so they can experience a life full of purpose and meaning. A child left to himself, like Mettie in our story, is destined to a life of misery. God never intended for that to be the outcome for any child. He designed families to be safe, loving environments where truth is consistently taught through kindness. In such an atmosphere, a child learns to be disciplined, compassionate, honest, forgiving, selfless, hard-working, etc. He is equipped to face all the pleasure and pain he will encounter in his life with confidence, knowing that God had long ago created an Individualized Eternal Purpose – God’s IEP –  that would lead to a life filled with joy and contentment.

Truth and kindness must go hand in hand.
The street-cleaners in our story understand the truth: Mettie is a dirty, thieving street child. Their response, however, lacks any kindness: Put her in the workhouse where she becomes nothing more than free labor for the city, underfed and overworked.

Mama Addie also understands the same truth, but her response comes from a heart of kindness: Bring her into a home full of love and give her the opportunity to be transformed into one who can achieve what God had designed for her.

Consistent acts of kindness open the mind and heart to be able to see and receive the truth which ultimately brings change. This truth is what drove Addie to rescue Mettie from the street. Seeds of truth planted and nourished with kindness will yield the greatest quantity and quality of fruit; confident individuals whose lives are built upon the firm foundation of godly character which will last a lifetime.

Strong moral character yields confident meaningful lives.
Homes should provide the consistent loving environment that have a well thought out training plan which develops the character we all want our children to have. Teaching children to think true thoughts and to understand they have a God-designed IEP only they can fulfill brings meaning to their lives. This is why Emeth exists! We want children to experience the high call that God has specifically designed for them – His IEP – that results in a deep satisfaction and constitutes the essence of what brings meaning to life. We believe this can only be accomplished through acquiring the character that will be necessary to carry out His plans.

Parenting is a high call!
Parents are the primary instructors God has chosen to carry out His IEP. It is a high call to be a parent! It is also a difficult one. But He has not left us alone to carry out what often seems to be an impossible task. He has given us His Word, the Bible, as our guide. Yes, we will fail. He already knows that. But it is those failures that drive us to Him to seek His grace (the desire and power to carry out His will) while at the same time demonstrating to our children where to find the answers to life’s problems. Parenting requires constant attention and we all could use help! Emeth (the Hebrew word for truth) has developed a character training program that focuses on building into kids the qualities mentioned above. Every 12 week season is constructed around a specific quality that is discussed and reinforced during every class period. Evaluations not only assess gymnastic skills, but also the progress your child has made in demonstrating the current chosen quality. The longer a child remains in the program, the more confidence they gain as they grow physically, mentally, relationally, and spiritually. It is our goal to develop godly, confident leaders who desire to invest their lives in service to others, resulting in rich, meaningful relationships, joy, and contentment.

We are for you! Our character training curriculum is always available for viewing along with the recordings of the stories students listen to each week.

Access to all our current and past CT curriculum and stories can be found HERE.