Every Child Should Feel Important – to God and to Their Parents

God is kind and loves YOU. But it takes a choice to believe in His kindness when so much is wrong around us.

In our current story Miracle at Redimere House which focuses on what real love is, Mettie has no understanding of the love of God. Her existence on the street has caused her to believe that the Bible is just a bunch of “big fat lies” and she is angry and violent. However, when Mama Addie uses the phrase much-loved children in her prayer one night, Mettie is unable to push the thought from her mind.

THE question everyone asks – including children.

Do I matter? Does my life count for anything? It is a sad fact that many children are asking these questions. Everyone needs to feel significant! It is so important, that many will fight for it – even if it means lowering the worth of another. We all become victims of another’s pursuit to achieve significance at some point in our lives. If it happens too often, especially to a child, he may conclude that he really doesn’t matter – a dangerous and even life-threatening conclusion. “According to our analysis of the CDC WONDER online database, 2,117 suicides occurred among teens aged 15 to 19 in 2016, making suicide the 2nd leading cause of death in that age group.” Do you ever wonder what difference just a few kind, loving words could have made for that young person? Maybe just three:

God loves you.

God loves me? So what?

To a child, “God loves you” may or may not mean something. In fact, that statement could be followed with, “God loves me? So what?” For this child, God is most likely just an entity, like a picture on the wall of Great Grandpa George who knew you and loved you, but because you were only two when he died, his love for you has little or no significance.

But God is not Great Grandpa George. He will never pass away and His love is eternal. And as is often the case, God chooses to reveal what that love looks like through others. For a child, that first other person will be their parents. Just as the Bible calls God a loving Father and mankind His children who are loved by Him, so families were created to reflect here on earth what God had designed in heaven. When we as parents demonstrate the qualities of love and kindness to our children in our homes, we become role models to them of who our Heavenly Father is and what eternity is like. Our consistent communication and demonstration of the truth, “God loves you,” will become the stable foundation upon which all other necessary character qualities can be built, yielding a life full of meaning and purpose.

The love God has for each child must be understood in order for them to be able to reach their full potential in every area of life. His love assures us that, “God has made us what we are. In Christ Jesus, God made us to do good works, which God planned in advance for us to live our lives doing.” [Ephesians 2:10] Did you catch that? Planned in advance! There really is a specially designed plan for each child!

Of course we will fail because we ourselves will always be learning more from God about His love and kindness. Our children will fail too, now and also when they are adults. This is why forgiveness is so important. Our willingness to admit to our children we were wrong and ask them to forgive us sets a powerful example which they too will have to practice throughout their own lives.

The following is a true story of a teen, contemplating ending his life. The powerful truth that God loved him forever changed him. The author gives thoughtful answers to questions about suffering, fear, and life’s purpose – well worth pondering.

Daniel: “Does God truly love me?”

JonMark: “Enough to die in your place so that you could live in Him.”

Daniel: “Then why do I hurt all the time?”

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Parenting: SO difficult, but SO worth it!

Parenting is the most difficult AND the most rewarding commitment one will ever make. You will sacrifice time, money, comfort, fun, personal happiness and goals, health and sleep…pretty much your life! But the rich rewards are so worth the investment! Why? Because the depth and quality of your life is equal to the depth and quality of your relationships. Those relationships which are born and nurtured in the kind and loving setting of family will produce an intangible wealth which is the only thing from this world we can carry with us into eternity.

Emeth exists to help you achieve this outcome. We do this through our carefully crafted character curriculum. Building godly character into children creates the foundation upon which a life full of significance can be had. We partner with you to assist you in your efforts to raise confident, thoroughly prepared young people, equipped to be leaders. All of our character curriculums along with the audio version of our stories can be found HERE.