All Year Schedule

Emeth runs classes year round. Most class times remain the same. We make changes as needed to offer the best range of class times possible.

Curriculum Seasons

Emeth gymnastics skill and character training curriculums run on 12 week seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter). Gymnastics skill curriculums repeat each season, working through various skills each week. Each season students study a different aspect of character training (CT). A full series of eleven character studies happens over a three year cycle, including Courage, Thankfulness, Integrity, Commitment, Service and more. See for past curriculums.


Self serve online at, or let us help you by phone, or in person! There are no longterm commitments. Enroll and un-enroll at any time. Tuition is prorated in weekly increments.

Join anytime!

Request a new or transfer enrollment up to two weeks in advance.

Changing classes

You may transfer to any other class with openings (age & level appropriate) at any time during your enrollment. Any unused tuition previously paid will be credited towards the new enrollment.


To unenroll from a class, please send your request to unenroll with the future date of your last class. No refunds or credits will be issued for missed classes. (Your tuition purchases a saved spot for your student in your class, even if they do not actually attend class time.)

  • Please let us know why you’re taking a break!
  • Choose “Drop Enrollment” in your online Emeth account or mobile app, or
  • Send us an email at

Tuition & Fees


Tuition is paid monthly by direct debit from any major credit card on the 25th day of the preceding month. Declined autopayments must be paid before the 30th day of the month or you may lose your spot in class to another waiting student.

Tuition prices are based on 48 weeks in a year, which allows for the approximately four closed weeks in our yearly calendar (major holidays, etc). We do not charge less or more for ‘short’ or ‘long’ months. Over the full year, every day of the week receives 48 class days.

A card on file is required to take classes.

Manual Payment Option

To opt out of direct debit to your credit card, make your payment by cash, check or another card at least 24 hours in advance of the due date (25th of each month for tuition), and your card on file will not be charged. (A card on file is required)

  • Card payments (including partial pre-payments) can be made at any time through at, or your mobile app.


Your Emeth family membership includes discounts on special events for all immediate family members! Open Gym, Clinics, Parent’s Night Out and more. Membership is required to enroll in classes. Membership is $50 and lasts for 12 months from when it was charged. Memberships will be debited from your card on file.


We hope your experience at Emeth is awesome! If you are, for any reason, unsatisfied within your student’s first 30 days at Emeth, you may request a full refund. Please submit your request in writing.

  • After your first 30 days at Emeth, payments you make will remain on your Emeth account for current or future purchases.


Sibling Discounts

Families receive tuition discounts for multiple immediate family members.

  • 10% off second child (ordered by highest tuition).
  • 20% off third child.
  • 30% off fourth child.

Multiple Class Discount

Students taking two classes simultaneously receive 30% off lesser priced class!

Emeth Year Calendar