Hurray {Name (First):2.3}- We’re so excited to have you and {Child Name:5} try Emeth!

Here are the details of your trial request, we’ll send you a confirmation as soon as we have you all set:

Student: {Child Name:5}

Date of Birth: {Please confirm student\’s birth date::25}

Trial Level: {We recommend you try our Totlights Level!:30}{Please choose between our Totlights and Minilights levels:42}{Please choose between our Totlights and Dynamites levels:43}{We recommend you try our Dynamites level!:48}{We recommend you try our Minilights level!:50}{We recommend you try our Exploders level!:52}{We recommend you try our Spotlights level!:54}{Please choose between our Spotlights, Tumbling levels:56}{Please choose between our Exploders, Tumbling levels:58}{Please choose between our Moonlights, Tumbling levels:59}{Please choose between our Rockets, Tumbling levels:62}

Trial Class Day/Time: {Totlights : Ages 18 mos-3 yrs with adult:1}{Moonlights : Girls ages 7+:14}{Beginner Tumbling : Girls & Boys ages 6+:12}{Rockets : Boys only ages 7+:15}{Exploders : Boys only ages 5-6:11}{Spotlights : Girls ages 5-6:10}{Dynamites : Boys only ages 3-4):9}{Minilights : Girls & Boys ages 3-4:8}{Hero Ninjas : Boys & Girls ages 3-6:13}{Daring Ninjas : Boys & Girls ages 7-11:69}

Please arrive a few minutes early before your trial class so we can introduce you to your coach and show you around Emeth!

Do you have other questions? Email us here, or call us: 440-834-0800

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