Gymnastics, Ninja, and Tumbling for kids of all ages

Building true character for life

Gymnastics, Ninja, and Tumbling for kids of all ages

Building true character for life

Confident. Fit. Focused.

Because every child needs true confidence to accomplish their God-given purpose.

Are you having a hard time finding fun activities for your kids that challenge them to grow both inside and out? At EmethGym, we use caring connections, character training, and emphasize individual progress. Your kids will be given the tools they need to be confident, fit and focused leaders.

“Absolutely amazing staff! My daughter is so much more self-confident and determined since we joined the Emeth community. We absolutely love all of the coaches. I am so grateful we found them!”  ~ Lesley B., mother of preschooler


Boys gym coach with student at EmethGym

Caring Connections

From your first encounter with our Welcome Team to your ongoing relationship with your child’s coach, you’ll experience the Emeth difference. Our coaches are more than great instructors! How many coaches do you know who have been through training on how to be positive influences and mentors? Ours have! They will regularly discuss the best ways to encourage your child to strive to be their best.

students in character training at EmethGym

Character Training

We grow students on the inside by building strong minds through our unique character training program. Training character begins with believing true thoughts about who we are and what we can accomplish. Emeth character training is based on the Christian values taught in the Bible. We focus on one quality each season with a declaration, verse, and discussion on why it matters in our lives. Strong minds produce strong bodies, which result in mastering skills and increased confidence!

girl in progressional gymnastics at EmethGym

Individual Progress

We strive to help each student reach their highest potential. Classes are kept small so we can focus on giving each child as much attention as possible. Lesson plans are carefully crafted for each level and evaluations are done quarterly. Requirements for advancement are clearly laid out and measurable. Results are made available to parents, and coaches are happy to discuss any questions you may have.



1. Pick a Class

We offer classes for boys and girls
from 18 months to 18 years.
We’ll help you find the class that’s
just right for your child.


2. Pick a Time

Classes are available nearly
every day of the week. We have
something to fit even the
busiest schedules.


3. Start Building

Emeth coaches work with you on a
personalized plan to build TRUE
character and confidence in your child.


girls in gym on beam

As a parent, you want your kids to grow both inside and out. In order to do that they need experiences that will challenge them to develop their physical skills as well as their character. Plus, it needs to be fun enough so they really enjoy what they are learning and want to keep going.

Finding the right combination of programs, sports, or activities that provide everything you’re looking for can seem nearly impossible and become overwhelming, frustrating, and a waste of time and money.

At Emeth Gym, we believe every child deserves to thrive in a supportive and challenging environment that helps them develop true character for life.

We know what it feels like when you have to choose either a “fun-oriented” sport or activity which provides no real internal development or a “win-at-all-costs” program with little care for your kids’ inside character development.

That’s why, at Emeth, we use caring connections, character training, and emphasize individual progress to give your child the tools they need to be confident, fit, and focused leaders.

Schedule a free trial class today so you’ll no longer feel the need to sacrifice character or progress. Join a community set on helping your child learn and grow with confidence!

“Why do I send my daughter to Emeth? It’s simple, great morals and great ethics from all involved. In today’s day and age this is a priority as we raise our family. Blessed to have such a wonderful establishment to help with these two very important life skills!”

– Megan L.