Check the table below to see if your child has been promoted to a different class level.

If your child’s name is not listed below, they should register for the same class level they are currently in. (Our program curriculum is built to train different skills throughout the seasons of our year. We expect most students to be in a level for a year so that they can learn these skillshowever, some students will progress to a new level before completing a full year.) 

Evaluations are only performed on the scheduled week of each season. If your child was not present for this class, you will need your coach’s recommendation to register for an alternate evaluation.

If your child has been promoted, please contact our office for open class times in their new level! (440) 834-0800.

Check out class times here:


Spring 2015 Eval Promotions

StudentSpring Class LevelPromoted To:
Alyssa LowerIntermediate TumblingAdvanced Tumbling
Megan SherrillIntermediate TumblingAdvanced Tumbling
Sophia SinitoIntermediate TumblingAdvanced Tumbling
Avery LoveIntermediate TumblingAdvanced Tumbling
Emily AdamicMoonlightsDawnlights
Olivia AginsMoonlightsDawnlights
Haidyn BunkerMoonlightsDawnlights
Reagan HallMoonlightsDawnlights
Camden HedrickMoonlightsDawnlights
Salvatore HoenigmanMinilightsExploders
Iain MacRaildDynamitesExploders
Cadence ImhoffSpotlightsHighlights
Mira PalomboSpotlightsHighlights
Kendall RobertsonSpotlightsHighlights
Alexandra ShemitzSpotlightsHighlights
Makenna WellingSpotlightsHighlights
Elise ChollettBeginner TumblingIntermediate Tumbling
Madeline ChollettBeginner TumblingIntermediate Tumbling
Lauren DorkaBeginner TumblingIntermediate Tumbling
Alivia PerfettoBeginner TumblingIntermediate Tumbling
Tristen BrownfieldRocketsNeptunes
Gabriel CumberledgeRocketsNeptunes
Austin HarperRocketsNeptunes
Jayden JulianRocketsNeptunes
Camila AngelHighlightsSparklers
Haley BarnettHighlightsSparklers
Gabriella GuarneraHighlightsSparklers
Reagan MahanHighlightsSparklers
Piper StrohmHighlightsSparklers
Valentina AngelMinilightsSpotlights
Teresa BresnahanMinilightsSpotlights
Harper HaehnMinilightsSpotlights
Emily KneremMinilightsSpotlights
Aliyah McArthurMinilightsSpotlights
Abriella MurphyMinilightsSpotlights
Lila NovotneyMinilightsSpotlights
Brooklin ShafferMinilightsSpotlights
Maddie TortoreaMinilightsSpotlights
Madison GardellaDawnlightsStarlights
Kylie SmithDawnlightsStarlights
Alyssa AdkinsMoonlightsSunlights
Ryleigh DusenburyMoonlightsSunlights
Madison DustmanMoonlightsSunlights
Claire GuddyMoonlightsSunlights
Grace HederstromMoonlightsSunlights
Lily KatzMoonlightsSunlights
Gabriella LohrenzMoonlightsSunlights
Keirstan MesnickMoonlightsSunlights
Rayna MolzonMoonlightsSunlights
Martha NeffMoonlightsSunlights
Kara PolonMoonlightsSunlights
Kylee RasmussenMoonlightsSunlights
Amara SalyanMoonlightsSunlights
Julia VilicsMoonlightsSunlights
Zoey YoderMoonlightsSunlights
Kynlee WatsonMoonlightsSunlights